Tuesday, August 11, 2009

OPP ~ Nutrition Care For Obesity

While the world’s underfed population has declined slightly since year 1980 to 1.1 billion, the number of overweight people has surged to 1.1 billion. The obesity epidemic is not restricted to industrialized societies; the rate of obesity is increasing faster in developing countries than in the developed countries. The WHO projected that by 2015, approximately 2.3 billion adults will be overweight and more than 700 million will be obese. To your knowledge, obesity is a complex condition, with serious social and psychological dimensions, affecting virtually all ages and socioeconomic groups. Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for serious diet-related chronic diseases, including type-2-diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and certain forms of cancer.

Therefore, there has been a great deal of global attention towards obesity problems. Mr Heng, a professional nutritionist had delivered a talk entitled “Nutrition Care for Obesity” on 10th August 2009 (Monday) during OPP night. He stressed the seriousness of obesity in Malaysia and also the world. Furthermore, he slowly brought out the information of causes and consequences of obesity to all audiences. He told all the audiences that by developing a good eating habit, obesity can be prevented. Firstly, include a wide variety of delicious and healthy foods especially vegetables, whole grains, or fruits into your diet. Secondly, strike a balance between your calorie intake and calorie expenditure. When the energy intake exceeds the expenditure of energy, body weight will increase and vice versa. Thus in order to maintain an ideal body weight, a balance between these two is vital. Thirdly, drink more water as water plays a role in cleansing the body system. Fourthly, limit yourself in taking sugary, salty, high cholesterol and refined products. Last but not least, exercise regularly!

Next up, the night was continued with a motivation talk by one of our crown managers, Mr Sim. He revolved his whole speech around a picture which portrays the relationship between people and money. He explained how significant it is in becoming healthy as well as wealthy in order to lead a happy life. Moreover, he also took the opportunity to introduce and also further elaborate goodness of our new GTF Marketing Plan to all the audiences.

Coming up next, a malay talk entitled "GTF – Kesihatan dan Kecantikan" will be presented to you by our company's nutritionist, Puan Masrisa on 17th August 2009 (Monday), from 8.00pm -10.00pm.

To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth. ~ Richard Baker

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