Friday, May 29, 2009

Common Myth About Laboratory Mice

From decades ago to this day, many people are still very curious on one thing about researches in science, which is the usage of white mice in the laboratory.

Most of the people have doubts about how the scientists actually conduct their experiments by using white mice as their experimenting targets. The usual question which often pops out in their mind would be something like:

"Animals are so different from people, is the research being done worthwhile?"

Is it worthwhile? A very good question. Almost similar to the question above, some customers often ask us about the viability of our products as far as human health is concerned, since the invented products were firstly used to be tested on white mice, not human. Thus, some people and potential customers have serial of doubts regarding GT&F Milk Powder.

So, here goes the question:

Why is white mice being used as a test subject in an experiment?

Firstly, mice belong to the mammal class, just like human do. But the important point here which is worth to be pondered would be the mice are actually sharing a very high degree of homology with humans. Homology refers to any similarity between characteristics that is due to their shared ancestry. With at least 80% of DNA in mice is identical to that of humans, such high degree of similarity made mice to be the most appealing research subject. Other than that, mice come in small size, short lifespan, low maintenance in captivity, hence mice is so much more easier to handle.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Benefits of Green Tea

Mayo Clinic is the world's first and largest non-profit group which comprises various great doctors and professionals throughout the world. In their most recent studies, base on a published article by the researchers, positive results have been shown where early cancerous diseases such as leukemia can be improved by the uptake of green tea.

Green tea is being made into very famous drinking material especially in Japan, it is known as a kind of wonderful and miraculous tea which only undergoes minimal oxidation during processing. In connection to that, researches have been carried out and results obtained show that green tea actually contains a handsome amount of polyphenol antioxidants. But very unfortunately, the green teas which we tend to consume within our community, are not really as nutritious as we might think since the green teas which we consume everyday are very much likely have been nutritionally ripped off and underwent unknown factors which lead to quality deterioration.

A little bit overview here about the benefits of polyphenol antioxidants. This type of antioxidants actually claimed to have positive effects in reducing certain inflammatory phenomenons, for example, coronary heart diseases, as well as reducing the existence amount of reactive oxygen. (known as the markers of many inflammatory consequences)

Despite of many praises have been credited to the well-known benefits of green tea, however, there are still lack of essential academic citations which requires to link the biochemical theories of green teas with its quoted benefits such as:

  • Stopping certain neurogenerative diseases, for the likes of Parkinson's Disease & Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Curable method in treating cancer.
  • Increasing the amount of HDL (High Density Lipoprotein, also known as the good cholesterol), and at the same time lowering the amount of LDL. (Low Density Lipoprotein, also known as the bad cholesterol)
  • Effective in treating sclerosis complications.
But with proven clinical trials and with numerous patent rights under the belt of our company, GT&F Products are definitely proven that it helps greatly in many complications, it shows the signs of improvement in certain cancerous diseases (we have a testimonial regarding this), what is more, trivalent chromium (a major micro mineral which exists in GTF) is known to show the signs in improving Alzhemier's Disease sufferers!

Therefore, keep drinking GT&F Milk to stay healthy always :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skin Health Nutrition Talk

Like many people say, "you don't get another chance to make a first impression", very true enough, first impression can be considered the best image which stays in people's mind vividly, and most importantly, it often stays in people's mind eternally.

Many people, regardless whether you are a man, or a lass, the important first impression comprises beauty is no longer a taboo topic (especially for males), everyone now is starting to take good care of their outlooks, their appearance, they have strong urge to keep themselves beautifully packaged.

The topic entitled "Skin Health Nutrition" was delivered by our nutritionist, Ms. Jessy Lim on 25th May 2009 (Monday). Throughout the talk, she stressed strongly on how and why our face actually suffer with the growth of acne and the seemingly eternal blemishes and stains.

Besides that, she also explained how some of the malicious substances which can be found in normal facial foams which we use everyday could deteriorate our skin condition.

As we all know, there are specific locations on our face which could very well express the conditions of our internal organs. Ms. Jessy Lim had been very considerate in cultivating the audiences of such concept, by showing audiences the pictures of faces which are divided into compartments, and linking the compartments with majority of our internal organs.

Audiences sure were greatly benefited from such a wonderful speech from our very own nutritionist.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Judge Says...

The American Idol Season 8 had just closed its curtain not long ago, with what could be considered as the biggest shock of all seasons since everyone was rooting for Adam Lambert to emerge as the eventual winner instead.

Well, we are definitely not going to discuss about who the real winner is, what we suppose to put in great concerns here, is, of course, health issues. And what is more, health issues which relate to diabetes.

So, what is the connection between the scary word, diabetes and American Idol?

Actually, one of the judges from the famous reality show, Randy Jackson was actually diagnosed to have diabetes back in the year of 2001.

If we look through his very own family background, the disease actually has a little bit connection with heredity. Randy was suffering from diabetes for ages without actually realizing that he was one of the 21 millions Americans. (Whereas for Malaysians, as dated in the year of 2007, 1.2 million people were suffering this disease, and the number will keep increasing as the years pass by in the near future)

Randy had since become the spokesperson for the American Heart Association's The Heart of Diabetes Campaign. Even the Grammy-winning musician cum American Idol judge advised the community that a balance diet and frequent physical activities are vital to prevent the disease in knocking on your virtual door.

But most importantly, it is essential for us to first prevent ourselves from being the ones who suffer from this deadly disease. After all, prevention is better than cure.

To free yourself from this disease, consuming GT&F Milk Powder is greatly essential. The milk provides important substances named GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) which is a long-gone substances from our body as we grow older. This substance acts as the activator in stimulating the functions of insulin hormones (hormones which effectively directs the blood sugar to be absorbed by body cells). With such wonderful substance replenished in our body, sweet sugar in the blood stream will be reduced drastically in a few months time. (the time frame varies base on every single individuals)

Here's a video about Randy Jackson's views on diabetes. Enjoy!