Saturday, March 5, 2011

Dine With FB

Facebook has been a frenzy ever since a good few years ago, due to its pleasant interactive platform which is extremely user friendly. Correspondingly, it did wonders and received countless rave reviews from all over the world. After that few years, "The Social Network" which tells the story of how the creator of Facebook created this magnificent website was aired worldwide. This made the social interactive site's world number spot even firmer than ever.

While many users are using Facebook, chatting with friends, leaving comments and "liking" their friends' status, many do not realize a habit they do daily which could jeopardize their health. Recently, Facebook is closely linked to eating disorders. According to a study conducted in the University of Haifa in Israel, the more time an adolescent girl spent her time on Facebook, the higher the risk of her developing eating disorders such as anorexia, exaggerated dieting as well as bulimia.

A research was then conducted. This research involved 248 participants, whom were all girls, with the age ranged from 12 to 19 years ago. The study was mainly looking through their eating behavior in relation with the amount of time they spend on the Internet as well as other media such as viewing of television programs.

Results showed that participants who spent relatively more time on Facebook suffered eating disorders like the ones which were mentioned previously, and they were very dissatisfied regarding their body images. Besides that, TV programs which were gossip and leisure-related proved to be hazardous for these young girls too. Programs such as Gossip Girl was on the list. According to the researchers, they believed that parents play the key role in the girls' susceptibility to eating disorders as parents, in many times were not aware of what type of media content their girls were consuming.