Friday, November 12, 2010

Side effects of Inflammation

When one experiences an internal pain, that person is very possibly experiencing inflammation. Inflammation can generally being considered as damaged or "burnt" inside us, in layman terms, that is. But to be true, inflammation normally occurs because of a response towards certain stimuli in our body. Examples of such stimuli could be damaged tissue, pathogen, or any irritants that can be found within our body system.

As we all know, inflammation is included as one of the major metabolic syndromes. In other words, when a person suffers from Type II Diabetes, that person could possibly suffer from other metabolic syndromes such as heart diseases, stroke, and of course, inflammation being one of them.

Chronic inflammation might cause sufferers to experience further complications such as hay fever, arteriosclerosis, or even rheumatoid arthritis. While acute inflammation could disturb the balance of the level of leukocytes in our body and so forth. Nonetheless, inflammation would cause a cascade of harmful biological events which bring harmful consequences to human.

Lately, inflammation is said to have strong link with lower intelligence as well as premature death. A recent research which was published in External Link Brain, Behavior and Immunity discussed such issue.In that study, inflammation and intelligence were measured at 18-20 years of age in nearly 50,000 young men, and deaths over the following 35 years were recorded.

The results were all based on young people with low level of inflammation. Through the results obtained, it seems that low level of inflammation could cause detrimental effects in human. Through the study also, it appears that youngsters of manual workers (eg: a farmer) are exposed to greater risk in suffering inflammation compare to those whose fathers are non-manual workers.