Friday, September 4, 2009

Drugs Increase Risk of Heart Failure

Many people, especially those who are not aware of the knowledge of medications, are somehow ignorant about what fatal consequences drugs and medicines prescribed by doctors could relate to ourselves.

In the contrary, perhaps many among us, have already known the possible bad aftermaths which could happen to us should we take in large accumulative amount of medicines into our bodies. And of course, the drugs which we will be discussing about today, are the drugs which described specifically in countering the outburst of one of the deadliest disease ever -- diabetes.

Not long ago, many people had already appeared to be suspicious as far as the drugs of diabetes were concerned. The popular drugs back then, namely rosiglitazone was accepted with open arms as to a certain extent, these drugs proved to be able to control the condition of diabetic patients effectively.

A study which involved these drugs, has been published in BMJ's website. As you may know, BMJ is a global medical publisher. From the studies, researchers had used the prescription records of nearly 40,000 patients whom were 66 years and older, and started to take diabetic drugs from April 2002 to March 2008.

Although the study was used to compare the differences between consuming rosiglitazone and other drugs, but it was just used to compare from the perspective of how far the bad consequences could be unveiled by the drugs. In other words, researchers were just determining which drugs are more deadlier in triggering heart failure among the patients, and which are not as serious. But in a nutshell, the clinical importance of the study revealed that by consuming prescribed drugs which are related in treating diabetes, the occurrence of heart failure is very much possible.