Saturday, August 22, 2009

Swimming Aids

As at 21st August 2009, the total number of H1N1-related death cases had reached 68, a number which definitely shocked us all. With a few hundreds of new cases unrevealed each day, people in the nation are becoming more and more worried about the highly contagious disease.

Many such death cases across the country were due to multiple organs failure, particularly organs which relate to respiratory system. Whilst everyone of us thinks that by consuming GT&F Products can rest assure that we'll be maintaining our health in the optimum form, we cannot ignore the importance of active lifestyle too.

Decades ago, the elders and professionals from medical field found that swimming can definitely improve our health, particularly our respiratory system, and it is also considered as one of the best exercises of all.

A recent study which has published in Wiley Interscience has shown that swimming aids in children with asthmatic records. Not only that, swimming also proven that it is able to improve mouth-breathing, snoring, chest deformity, self-confidence and general feelings of disadvantage.

The research was done by dividing 7 to 12 year old children into two groups, where one group underwent a six-week swimming training program while also underwent asthmatic treatment at the same time. Whereas the other group of children did not.

The outcome shows that ALL the children who underwent the swimming program showed significant improvement, almost in all areas, including symptoms, hospitalizations, emergency room visits and school absenteeism.

Researchers postulated that swimming not only does not seem to provoke asthmatic attacks, in the contrary, it actually improve individuals with asthmatic records, increase the lung volume of individuals, develop good breathing patterns, and also helps greatly in shaping general fitness.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

OPP~GT&F – Kecantikan dan Kesihatan

Beauty is not only about having a lean and trimmed body. It is also about enhancing the beauty within. Health and beauty cannot be separated from each other. How healthy you are, is reflected in your hair, your nails and your skin. The secrets to pleasant appearance are much more basic. They have to do with a well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, the two most important factors that influence the condition of your appearance. Healthy body with beauty can be yours.

Thus, Puan Masrisa, one of the senior nutritionist of GTF Worldwide company had delivered a health talk entitled “GT&F – Kecantikan dan Kesihatan” in Malay and English version during the OPP night. Good nutrition is the basic building block of healthy yet beauty appearance. She shared with the audiences about the benefits of GT&F® product for our body and appearance. In addition, she also enlightened them for the 6 in 1 super invention of GT&F® product as we will able to find back for inner health and outside beauty through building strong body cells which directly will strengthen each organ and system of our body. As a result, we will able to look good and stay away from harmful bacteria or viruses, especially A (H1N1) viruses.

As the death toll caused by the outbreak of A (H1N1) in Malaysia continues to rise to 67 until yesterday (18th August 2009). The company is very concern for the hot issue thus Ms Sunny Yong had done a presentation especially for vaccination and medication of A (H1N1) viruses. She explained to the audiences the pros and cons of taking vaccine and antiviral drugs to prevent themselves from getting infection by these scary viruses. To your knowledge, actually there is still do not exist any vaccine that purposely for A (H1N1) viruses and also for antiviral drugs, like Tamiflu®, is not for uninfected people but as a way of treatment for patient infected with A (H1N1) or patient with serious influenza-flu like symptoms. So, we should build up strong base of body immune system with GT&F® product rather than the short cut.

Next up, Mr Kayvi Ang, a professional nutritionist will talk on “Nutrition Care for Hyperlipidemia Disease” and the managing director of GTF Worldwide company, Mr Lim Hua San will give a motivation talk on the coming Monday (24th August 2009).

Sugar - Cancer Feeder?

As far as you may know, our cells need various nutrients to function normally. By referring to the nutrients over here, of course we are also including the presence of sugar which would be taken up by our body cells in order to produce sufficient energy to our whole body system.

Consuming GT&F Products is one of the best ways to allow blood glucose (sugar), especially those excessive ones, to be absorbed by body cells in order to generate energy. Just imagine how fatal the consequence could be without such glucose-absorbing functionality in our body, a series of diseases and complications could be waiting to reap you off without you actually realizing about their existence.

Since the year of 1923, there's already a postulation saying that sugar plays an important role in feeding tumor cells, and what is more, tumor cells tend to take up way more sugar than any other normal cells in our body. Such phenomenon seems to be quite alarming back then... and also for now.

86 years later, researchers from University of Utah put tremendous efforts in making progress on the topic. Recently, they had successfully published their research in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

From their findings, it appears that during the cell growth of normal as well as tumor cells, glucose and glutamine (a type of amino acid) would be involved in the cellular process. These two elements are essential as far as cell growth is concerned.

They suggested that, by suppressing the existence of glutamine in human body, the uptake of glucose also comes to a halt. The head of the research team, Mohan Kaadige, Ph.D focused in the research of a protein in our body, which is called MondoA. This protein, is said to be blocking the expression of a gene which holds the ability to suppress tumor when glutamine is present. Once this gene is blocked by MondoA, cells will be allowed to take up large amount of glucose, and ultimately, tumor growth will be propelled tremendously. Further researches will be done in the near future, perhaps developing a new drug which relates to sugar intake and tumor cells as one of the advanced methods in fighting cancer.

So, does sugar feed tumor cells? Yes, it does. Hence, balance up your blood glucose level by consuming GT&F Products frequently!