Tuesday, March 8, 2011

BMI For Chinese

All this while, the standard of BMI (Body Mass Index) is being referred in the American way. In other words, standards of BMI are always assumed to be measured in an American, not Asian, not African or whatsoever. But lately, there is a piece of good news for BMI, and this time, a new standard has been outlined, particularly referring to Chinese. The reason why a new BMI guideline for Chinese is being implemented, was because the rate of obesity is increasing around the globe, WHO suggested to set another benchmark for the Chinese. Thus, let's take a look what BMI got to say for Chinese.

This study was jointly completed by Taiwan and US researchers. Such study was participated by
58 738 Chinese men and 65 718 women in Taiwan who were aged 20 or older. Next up, their BMI were used to look for associations, if any, with the risk of death. As a result, researchers found that those with BMI which was less than 24 but with chronic disease have greater risk of death compare to those without chronic disease. Besides that, smokers with BMI less than 24 are also considered to fall in the category which has higher risk of death. On the other side, surprisingly, those with higher BMI (above 30), and with chronic disease had a lower risk of death.

Overall, Chinese individuals who have lower risk of death are the ones whose BMI fall between 24-25.9.

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