Friday, December 3, 2010

Fingers Fortune

When someone demand a palm of yours, they often act up like fortune tellers and the first thing they ever do is tell you what your future holds, the lines which are intersecting each other in the middle part of your palm, what they really mean and all sorts of believable explanations. Today, GTF Infozone brings you a scientific news which is quite similar with fortune telling, except that it is not superstitious, but it is scientific-based.

But this scientific fortune telling, only limits to the guys (sorry ladies, but you could read it up and share this information to your guy friends). As you can see in the picture above, this latest piece of information is about two of the five fingers that you have, which are index finger and ring finger respectively. According to a recent study which was funded by Prostate Cancer Research Foundation and Cancer, the lengths of these two fingers somehow determines the risk a male could have in getting prostrate cancer, particularly for men under the age of 60.

It is said that when a man's index finger is longer than his ring finger in length, this man has one third less likely to develop prostrate cancer compare to those whose ring fingers are in the same length, or longer than their index fingers.

The lengths of both fingers were said to have been set forth when the person is in the womb of a mother. In connection to that, the lengths of fingers are said to be affected by the amount of sex hormones (testosterone, in this case) exposed to the baby in mother's womb. Researchers believed that less testosterone equates to a longer index finger; and they also now believe that being exposed to less testosterone before birth helps protect against prostate cancer later in life. However, more researches are being conducted currently as to find out more connections and the factors of prostrate cancer occurrence.

The Catalyst of Cancer

Other than the existence of the magnificent trivalent chromium, GT&F Products are also known to have sufficient amount of essential vitamin B as well as antioxidants. Speaking of antioxidants, they play a pivotal role in preventing many harmful consequence on human health, among the examples are cancer, heart diseases, or even altitude sickness. This statement was very well recognized publicly (that antioxidant plays an important part in preventing cancer).

But today, one of the latest findings which can be found in British Journal of Cancer (2010), pointed out that in preventing cancer from occurring, consuming a high amount of vegetables as well as fruits do not contribute much in the prevention. Although it contributes, but it is not effective enough as it still could not provide a marked result. In the contrary, a close link was found between the prevention of cancer as well as the reduction of alcohol intake.

An Oxford University professor, Professor Tim Key mentioned that vegetables and fruits should mainly being treated as the source of many different kinds of essential nutrients, but it should not being treated as a bench mark as to what amount of consumption it shows certain protection against cancer. On the other hand, consuming high amount of alcohol, which would lead to obesity in the long run, has appear in scientific statistics that it remains closely linked with the occurrence of cancer.

Being overweight, there are a number of possible cancers which could occur. Among the many possible cancer types are breast cancer, or the more complicated cancers such as pancreatic, oesophagael or even kidney cancer. When the alcohol consumed is further broken down, it could even lead to other types of cancers such as mouth, throat or liver cancer. And of course, smoking is still believed to be one of the top reasons of high risk in getting cancer.