Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Budget

Economic meltdown has caused a lot of people to cut down their budgets in making purchases. For economic downturn, more liquidal assets such as cash or money are involved, but have you ever thought of things like "Mental Food Budget"?

Instead of cutting off the amount of money you spend, Mental Food Budget requires you to cut down the calories or foods you take in order to keep your body healthy. Sticking to a "mental budget", you might help yourself in slimming by losing weight and follow healthier diet plans.

Based on statistics, Malaysians take in large amount of processed foods instead of foods that are more organic, and people who do not stick to a healthy diet and instead sticks to these processed food would be more likely to suffer from depression.

Journal of Consumer Research revealed that by keeping a count of sweet and fattening snacks consumed using a point system can help people on a weight loss programme. The study suggested that by controlling intake of non-healthy foods could help many dieters in losing weight.

Researchers have found several patterns on Mental Food Budget. Firstly, it is insufficient if you have a mental budget alone in your mind, instead of just having that concept in mind, individuals must have an active goal. Secondly, individuals need to have accurate information about the products needed to match the units of mental budgets. Third and last of all, mental budget can only be succeeded if individuals followed specific numerical recommendations.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Dark Chocolates

In a recent study, Nestle researchers suggested that by just eating a few pieces of dark chocolates every day, it could improve the metabolic response of people who feel very stressful. As far as stress level is concerned, dark chocolate is also known as the best stress and anxiety reliever.

A researcher from Nestle Reseaarch Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, Sunil Kochhar, along with his team of researchers, had investigated the metabolic response in group of 30 adult volunteers who were healthy. These individuals were asked to consume 20g of dark chocolate everyday, for 2 weeks consecutively.

After the given period, the researchers found out through their urine and blood plasma samples, that subjects with higher anxiety trait had a distinct metabolic profile, and dark chocolate really does reduce the amount of stress hormone cortisol and catecholamines in the urine. In conjunction to the result, Kochhar suggested that consuming dark chocolate saily could positively impact the metablism of people that report in having high-stress levels.

But chocolate seems to be the nemesis for diabetic patients. Diabetes patients are usually afraid of sweet foods and confectionery. But some other studies also suggested that dark chocolate contains relatively lower in sugar, and appears to be one of the ways to fight diabetes, claiming the statement that "you can fight diabetes even by consuming chocolates". But how true it is, we barely know exactly about it. What we do know is, GTF Milk Powder can definitely help you to reduce sugar level.

Text Messaging?

Recalling back to the olden days, people are using big, black handsets. These big and black handsets have the size of a huge plastic bottles which we're using nowadays. Now, whenever modern people like us have a thought about these types of old handsets, we could not help but express a broad scornful smile in our hearts secretly. In addition, these handsets back then, were only functioned as a tool to receive calls as well as calling out to the others.

Now, the phones we have today are getting more and more sophisticated, and their sizes, of course.... are getting tinier and tinier that they can fit so easily inside our little pockets. As the technology advances through the days, handsets which are used to just receiving or making calls appeared to be very lame gadgets. What handset users, especially those young ones usually expected today, are texting messages to other users.

Recently, studies have been conducted to show evidences that texting activities can be as hazardous as sitting in front of the computers all day long. For those people who sit for long periods at computers, such as office workers, diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome is a common one, and based on preliminary findings, asistant professor Judith Gold found that among college students, the more frequent they texted, the more pain they would experienced in necks and shoulders.