Friday, August 28, 2009

Brain Degeneration

Every single animal which you can probably think of, has a brain. But as far as all the brains in the universe are concerned, the brain which you have, the one existing inside your head, is the most uniquely created brain of all -- The human brain.

From ages ago, people have developed an idea where the usage of brain by human is only approximately 10% of the total brain capacity. But years after that, the bemusing theory has somewhat regarded as a mere myth. As a matter of fact, we are actually using nearly 100% of our brain, just that as the technology is getting more and more advanced, our minds always just focus on the tubes and rely heavily on calculators, thus it impedes us from using 100% of our precious brain. Without proper training of our brain, the individuals would tend to turn out to be a slacker in the long run. See how majestic a brain is to us?

Recently, researchers led by Dr. Paul Thompson, a professor of neurology from University of California has conducted a study on the relationship between the human brain and obesity (over-weight).

As you may already know, obese people holds the BMI value above 30. This group of people, are said to have strong linkage to severe brain degeneration. Previously, obese individuals are only linked closely with diseases which are called metabolic syndromes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related diseases, etc. But this latest evidence has shown that, apart from all that, brain degeneration seems to be the next show-down from obesity.

The study found that the brain tissues in individuals who are over-weight, shows an obvious inclination in reduction in number, particularly in the areas which are important in planning and memory(the frontal and temporal lobes), attention and executive functions (the anterior cingulate gyrus), long-term memory (the hippocampus), and movement (the basal ganglia).

Especially for old folks who are also obese, their situations would be even more severe than those who are relatively younger. A huge percentage of old folks encounter problems in memory and concentration, in other words, many of them have Alzheimer's Disease. If they are also over-weight at the same time, brain degeneration tends to happen even quicker than usual.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OPP ~ Nutrition Care for Hyperlipidemia

In our fast-food era it is harder than ever to strike a healthy balance. Regardless of how you may feel about the current health situation, remember that each and every day you invest to your health with your actions. When you eat, you choose either foods that promote health or ones that don’t. However, people today’s didn’t control their daily diet intake, they just eat whatever good foods and tasty foods, pass over the calories, the fat content, the sugar level as well as the sodium. They didn’t realize that actually they are losing their health day by day. Some of the metabolic syndrome may be develop, such as high cholesterol, high blood glucose and also hyperlipidemia.

In order to give insight to the topic of hyperlipidemia, Mr. Kayvi Ang, a young yet professional nutritionist had delivered a health talk entitled “Nutrition Care for Hyperlipidemia” on 24th August 2009 (Monday). He clarified that a lot of people always mixed up hypercholesterolemia and hyperlipidemia. He explained the differences between these two diseases. Hyperlipidemia is characterized by excess cholesterol and fatty substances in the blood. Hyperlipidemia is a risk factor for heart disease. From the talk, he also clearly stated that trans fat is the most dangerous type of fats, and also gave some examples of food that high in LDL and HDL.

Mr. Lim Hua San, the managing director had brought out a motivation talk after Mr. Kayvi Ang. The title of the talk was “Successful Leader”. He used a lot of stories to highlight the message. He stressed that all leaders must owned a heart or determination to success in their life no matter how hard the path to be. A clever follower will soon to become a leader. Next up, Ms Sunny also advised the audiences to practice some precautions steps in order to prevent the infection of H1N1 viruses, the best way is to consume GT&F products to build up strong base of immune system.

The best health care is just that caring for your own health every day, with awareness, purpose and motivation toward doing better today than yesterday. Living by the basics through to get good food and water especially GT&F, adequate sleep, moderate exercise, social support and a sound body to enjoy can ensure a lifetime of good health naturally.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fat in the Liver

Does the above picture ring any bells to you? Admit that it does, especially if you are a loyal consumer of GTF Products. These kind of pictures could very possibly be seen in the flyers or something, telling you that obesity has very huge possibilities in having intimate relationship with diabetes.

But obesity indicates the occurrence of diabetes is now considered as an old-school thought. In a very recent study, nutrition researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in st. Louis suggested that one of the common indications of diabetes, ie: the accumulation of fats and excess triglycerides in the belly, does not seem to be a very accurate one, but instead, it just serves as an innocent bystander marker. The latest findings, shows that the true marker got to go to the accumulation of fat in the liver instead of in the belly.

A senior investigator from the group of researchers, Samuel Klein said that visceral fat (fat accumulated in the belly) might closely relates itself with the complications which are familiar to everyone of us, namely diabetes, high blood pressure and any form of heart-related diseases. But at the same time, visceral fats actually link closely with liver fats.

This postulation can also be interpreted in a way that, if a person is obese but does not have high level of fats in the liver, is very much encouraged to lose some weight, even if it is just a small amount of weight, for this small amount of weight could make a big difference to you.