Saturday, May 16, 2009

1st Case in Malaysia

On 16th May 2009, a 21 year-old student is confirmed to have got infected with Influenza A. An incident which appears as the first ever case in Malaysia, and the case has made Malaysia the 36th country to be affected by the virus.

It is reported that the youngster has just came back from the United States, and tested positive in Sungai Buloh Hospital after experiencing symptoms such as body aches, fever and sore throat. The infected patient who admitted into the hospital is now in a stable condition.

Influenza A is so contagious that even the acting WHO assistant director-general Keiji Fukuda said that experts have been revealing indications that such virus will spread far and wide, and it contains high possibilities that it could very well spread to new and unaffected regions.

We are well aware that many people have recognize how the virus spreads, but here's another reminder, and it is also for you whom have not known about the way how Influenza A is transmitted. We would also like to inform you that if you know any friends or people who have just took the flight which was taken by the 21 year-old student, please kindly contact the Health Ministry by contacting with the number shown below:

Figure 1: Above is a clear-cut diagram which shows Influenza A precautions
Figure 2: Contacts of Health Ministry

Be sure to keep consuming GTF Milk everyday to boost your immune system.

Have a nice weekend.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

GTF Vs Meningitis

As at 11th May 2009, the number of individuals admitted into hospital for suspected meningitis has been increased to 29 cases.

So, what is meningitis? And how does it affect human?

Short Introduction

First thing first, let's take a general overview at this disease.

Meningitis is an inflammation-like disease which normally inflicts the brain and spinal cord with hazardous consequence.

The cause of this disease is usually due to the BIG THREE, the three categories which come in and out of our lives, namely viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms.


The route of the pathogens to invade the human body is either through direct contact, or bloodstream. But either way, the pathogens will next does further harm to the central nervous system (a system which coordinates the activity of all parts of the bodies of multi cellular organisms). When the infliction reaches a threshold level, immune system will respond right away by instructing the immune cells to release cytokines to counteract upon the pathogens, and thus inflammation happens. (A little reminder here though, inflammation in this case is unlikely happen due to direct bacterial infection, but rather the response of central immune system itself)

When such inflammation unfortunately occurs, this situation can be life-threatening as it affects the brain and spinal cord.

The Symptoms?

To simply put, these are the signs of meningitis.

Severe headache is tipped to be the most obvious symptoms of meningitis. In usual cases, when people who suspect to be infected with meningitis, and having severe headache at the same time, doctors would normally advise the patients to turn his or her head either horizontally or vertically. If the aching sensation is not worsened, then the chances of getting infected with this hazardous disease is pleasantly slim.


Well, for this part, these days, only medicinal treatments are usually considered as the only way to treat it. Among the methods used are antibiotics and anti-fungal medications.

But as we all know, pumping in too much medicines into our precious tummy is definitely a no-no as the pills and bitter liquids will harm other organs of ours (kidney, for example) in the end of the day.

In the year of 2006, GT&F Milk Powder, surprisingly became famous with a super discovery, a name with a catchy rhythm, "Super Discovery 6-in-1"! One of the discoveries is about regulating the amount of interleukin-6 in our body. Interleukin-6, by coincidence, can be considered as the main causal agent in causing the inflammation as far as meningitis is concerned since interleukin-6 itself is a cytokine and scientifically proven that it is also one of the pro-inflammatory factors.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rejuvenate Under the Scorching Sun

These days, no matter what you do, regardless whether you are slacking at home, sitting still on the sofa while watching the tube, or possibly you are an individual who works or toils, you would have probably notice that the sweat just wouldn't stop flowing by keeps on making its presence felt.

Due to many factors, including the lack of environmental awareness, human began to pollute the environment unconsciously since many decades ago. Consequently, the aftermath of global warming becomes even more serious before we actually came to realize it.

Currently, daily temperature ranges within 30°C to 35°C averagely. And this red hot phenomenon is said to last until September this year.

Therefore, it could be a few uncomfortable months ahead for us. So, how do we beat the heat?

Over exposure to the sun would make your skin looked dull, as a result, you would get pigmentation and wrinkles. In addition, the UV rays from the sun could also penetrate your skin and furthermore, causing your collagen to breakdown and damaging the skin's elasticity.

Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) plays a role which works like miracles. It works as a booster for your body cells by enriching them with countless energy. On the other hand, metabolism in the body can also be improved drastically. With such great benefits from GTF, our whole body system, basically is finely tuned and regulated.

Drink a glass of GT&F a day, keeps the doctor away!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OPP : GTF - A Need for Effective Human Metabolism

Orientation for Public Practice (OPP) is a usual activity which is held on every Monday in our company.

Delightfully, the company was able to invite its previous nutritionist, Kayvi Ang to take on the stage and charm the audience with his fluent speech.

Last night, a warm and welcoming atmosphere falls upon everyone. Distributors and their respective comrades who had pioneering in this wonderful marketing field over the years were all pleased to have seen Mr. Kayvi Ang again.

Here's bits of details about our speaker of the night:

Name: Kayvi Ang Yee Kwang

He was once a staff (nutritionist) in GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd in the year 2004. After a period of approximately 4 years or so, he left the company for further studies and looked into more undiscovered challenges ahead in his life.

With his very own determination and excellency which he acquires all this while, he holds a number of titles under his belt. These honours include:

- Registered Nutritionist in the Nutrition Board of Malaysia
- Fellowship Graduate Researcher of UPM (Universiti Putra Malaysia)
- Member of Nutrition Society in Malaysia
- Member of Nutrition Society in Australia

The speech which was delivered by Mr. Ang last night was about why GTF is an essential need for human metabolism. Throughout the speech, he did emphasize on the word "Why", thus raise the curiousity among the audiences.

After telling the audiences about how our product could positively affect human body, Mr. Ang also brought out the current and hottest topic in town --> H1N1 Virus.

No doubt, this virus had inflicted in quite a number of countries, and the inclination shows that the number of countries which may get affected by it would probably increase in the near future, since there is yet vaccination discovered by the scientists.

But as the saying goes, prevention is definitely better than cure. Mr. Ang stressed on the effectiveness of our products in preventing, and very possibly, vanishing the virus. This evidence is proven by Taiwan's Associate Chief Science Officer, Wen-Ying Chen, Ph.D

Next up, one of our prominent leaders, Mr. Wong came to the front of the audience and started sharing his vast experiences throughout his career with GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd.

The night ended with a big round of applause credited to the two speakers of the night, that is, the return of Mr. Ang, as well as the persuasive leader, Mr. Wong.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

GT&F - 2008 Taiwan Food Science & Technology Award

2008 Taiwan Association for Food Science & Technology Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award
GT&F Milk Powder Products
Presented to Ms Ling Hui Cheng
(President of Taiwan Maxluck Biotechnology Corporation)
In Recognition of the outstanding contributions made toward the progress of Taiwan Food Industry

GT&F & Swine Flu

2009 Swine Flu H1N1!!
Prevention is better than cure, but prevention is not as easy as just saying!

Prevention & Treatment (information from WHO & DCD)
Practice general preventive measures for influenza to prevent infection:
a. avoid close contact with people appear unwell and have fever and cough
b. wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often
c. practice good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping
physically active.

Benefits of GTF - GT&F Milk Powder

GTF is the complex of lactoferrin and trivalent chromium. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein protein and has many functions described as well:
1. improvement of the immune system
2. antibacterial and antiviral properties
3. anti-inflammation
4. antiparasitic and antifungal

Chromium is an essential element for normal glucose and lipid metabolism and provides many functions for human health:
1. improvement of glucose and lipid metabolism
2. antioxidatvie damage
3. anti-inflammation

Therefore, daily supplementation of GTF will effectively keep you healthy enough against influenza.

GT&F Online Purchase

GT&F Milk Powder Online in Singapore !!

GTF Worldwide formed a company, G-Fortune Pte Ltd established in 2004 as a sole distributor of GT&F Milk Powder in Singapore. GT&F Milk Powder is a worldwide patented product for healthy glucose metabolism and is classified as food supplement by Singapore AVA. It is not a drug; instead it contains all natural food ingredients that promote the use of glucose in our body.

The product has passed safety and quality test including melamine test, microb test, heavy metal test and contaminants test as required by Singapore Health Science Authority.
In July 13, 2007, the product inventor who is also the Dean of Veterinary Department of Taiwan Chung Hsing University, Professor Frank Mao Chia Hung, was invited to present in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore with the topic “Health supplement in managing diabetes”. In the same occasion, Dr Dee Pei, who conducted GT&F clinical trial in Taiwan Buddhist Xindian General Hospital, presented a paper on “The influence of chromium to glycemic control of type 2 diabetes”. Besides, in July 21, 2007, Professor Mao was invited by Society for Intergrative Medicine (SIMS) to present the latest scientific findings of GT&F products in a conference held at Singapore HSA building. The role of GT&F Milk Powder in human health and some recent findings regarding the potency of the product was presented in the conference.

For more information, please visit