Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rejuvenate Under the Scorching Sun

These days, no matter what you do, regardless whether you are slacking at home, sitting still on the sofa while watching the tube, or possibly you are an individual who works or toils, you would have probably notice that the sweat just wouldn't stop flowing by keeps on making its presence felt.

Due to many factors, including the lack of environmental awareness, human began to pollute the environment unconsciously since many decades ago. Consequently, the aftermath of global warming becomes even more serious before we actually came to realize it.

Currently, daily temperature ranges within 30°C to 35°C averagely. And this red hot phenomenon is said to last until September this year.

Therefore, it could be a few uncomfortable months ahead for us. So, how do we beat the heat?

Over exposure to the sun would make your skin looked dull, as a result, you would get pigmentation and wrinkles. In addition, the UV rays from the sun could also penetrate your skin and furthermore, causing your collagen to breakdown and damaging the skin's elasticity.

Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) plays a role which works like miracles. It works as a booster for your body cells by enriching them with countless energy. On the other hand, metabolism in the body can also be improved drastically. With such great benefits from GTF, our whole body system, basically is finely tuned and regulated.

Drink a glass of GT&F a day, keeps the doctor away!

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