Sunday, July 25, 2010

Reduce Sitting Time

There is a Chinese saying which sounds like "Sit, and wait for death (坐以待毙)". Such saying, is generally indicating that a person is waiting for his or her soul reaper to come. It is often being used under circumstances where a person is experiencing terminal illness or encountering excruciating situation where this person could not do anything but wait for his last breath to come.

In a recent study conducted in the United States, such phenomenon ("Sit and wait for death to come) seemingly becomes a reality as the result of study tells us so. In the United States, the level of obesity seems to be increasing byleaps and bounds nowadays, and the main reason why such inclination is occurring in the States, is because people are leading a sedentary lifestyle, without caring much about physical activities such as exercise.
Although obesity has long been regarded as the one of the infamous consequence caused by sedentary lifestyle, the American Journal of Epidemiology recently even linked sitting too long with mortality.
In the study, researchers examined the amount of time spent sitting and physical activities in participants. The results showed that particularly for women, who reported to be sitting for 6 hours a day, could have a higher risk of mortality. They were reported to have 37 percents more likely to experience death compare to those who sits for less than 3 hours a day. While for men, those who sit 6 hours or more daily could experience 18 percents more in the risk of dying. Such postulation was made without taking any physical activities into the picture.
When the study combines physical activities together with sedentary lifestyle (sitting for long period in a day), individuals who sat more and had less physical activities were reported to have 94% (women) and 48% (men) higher chances in experiencing early death than their counterparts who led a slightly more active lifestyle.
Therefore, let's get some movements in a day, and most importantly, add some exercises into your daily schedule in order to lead a better life!