Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prolonged Period of Sitting

When we are tired after a day's work, we would like to sit down on a comfortable chair, resting and chilling out before continuing with our daily work again. Surprisingly to notice that, sitting was once the third biggest killer in the United States, it used to kill some 300,000 Americans annually.

How can sitting be so hazardous to mankind? By merely sitting, it can be so fatal that it kills people? That is a true statement, according to a recent issue which is published in the Journal of Sports Medicine, many specialists argued that a prolonged sitting period is truly detrimental, and it does not bring any significant benefits to humankind.

According to the study, by comparing lack of exercise as well as sedentary lifestyle, where individuals are just sitting there, promoting inactivity, the state of inactivity proves to be deadlier than lack of exercises.

Such "sedentary behavior" can also be considered as muscular inactivity. Such inactivity, if compared to excessive smoking, prolonged sitting period appears to be worse than that. Researches showing that by sitting inactively, risk of getting various diseases such as obesity, diabetes and cancer is increased tremendously. But by just doing some moderate activities in our daily lives, such risk can be reduced dramatically.

The researchers are doing further investigation on this study, and looking for the real roots of the problem. Thus far, some underlying mechanisms are identified. An enzyme called lipoprotein lipase, which has an essential role in regulating blood fats seems to be one of the main causal factors.