Friday, February 12, 2010

Milk During Pregnancy

Milk is an important food source as far as the element calcium is concerned. Ask every member or distributor of GTF Worldwide, they will tell you just the same answer. But many people are confused about drinking milk, especially for pregnant ladies. The usual question which often popped out would be, "can a pregnant lady drink milk?" These individuals often are very worried about some pregnant women whom they known, particularly when they are milk-drinkers at the same time.

But many people would have known by now, that pregnant ladies are absolutely permitted to drink milk, as milk is rich in calcium as well as vitamin D (especially in fortified milk). But in a recent study, it basically further encourage pregnant individuals to drink more milk!

A preliminary study which will be presented at the American of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting in Toronto from 10th April to 17th April 2010, shows just that. The basic idea of the study involves about some 35,000 nurses whose mothers completed questionnaires in year 2001 about their experiences and diet during pregnancy. Among all the nurses studied, there are 199 nurses who developed Ms (Multiple Sclerosis).

Researchers whom involved in this study, discovered that pregnant mothers-to-be who drink milk frequently and consume dietary vitamin D in essential amount would reduce the risk of developing MS in their daughters (that is, if the child in the womb is a female).

Based on the results obtained, the risk in developing MS of women whose mothers drank about 4 glasses of milk per day throughout the period of pregnancy appears to reduce for as many as 56 percents compare to those whose mothers consumed less than three glasses of milk per day. Whereas pregnant mothers who take in top 20 percent of vitamin D appears to reduce for as many as 45 percents in Ms development in their daughters, compare to those who consumed the bottom 20 percents of vitamin D.

Calcium and vitamin D seem to be playing pivotal roles in securing healthy condition of the babies. The most important sources of calcium and vitamin D, apart from milk, would be fatty fish such as salmon, as well as exposing to sunlight.

Instead of drinking ordinary dairy products, you are encouraged to consume GT&F Milk instead, for GT&F Milk provides you the essential trivalent chromium and other sufficient nutrients, which do not only provides you calcium and vitamin D, it is also able to regulate the whole body system of yours!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Migraine & Heart Attack

Migraine can be an intimidating disease, where it causes the sufferer severe headaches and it can also strikes to an extent that the sufferer experience nausea. Not only these troubling symptoms would accompany migraine sufferers, they are also most likely developing other frightening diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A recent piece of evidence which could be found in the journal of Neurology, people with migraine are now said to have increased risk of getting heart diseases. The study had about 6,100 people whom are non-migraine sufferers and some 5,200 people whom appeared to be migraine sufferers participated. Then, these participants were asked a string of questions pertaining to headaches, treatment, general health as well as any diagnosed heart complications.

As a results of the questioning session, it was found that those who had migraine, has a surprising twice likely in encountering the attacking of heart diseases compare to those who did not have migraine.

Migraine generally consists of four phases, these four stages, though, are not necessarily come after one another or before one another, it varies with individuals. These four stages are namely 1) prodrome phase (where sufferers tend to feel irritated and have altered mood condition, such as depression), 2) aura phase (where vision disturbance could interrupt the sufferer), 3) pain phase (where sufferers tend to feel acute pain as in headaches), 4) postdrome phase (where sufferers started to develop cognitive interruptions). But for this piece of recent study, researchers focused on the aura phase.

According to the study, people with migraine which falls in the aura phase, are one and a half time more likely than those who did not have migraine in suffering heart diseases. Does migraine sounds scary to you? It really does in some extent. But GT&F Products are the solution to you. As a matter of fact, there are many migraine sufferers, who are also current consumer of GT&F Products, made numerous numbers of live and real testimonials that the products can really treat migraine.