Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Weight Loss Strategy?

What is the best weight loss strategy? Some medical officers would tell you that by taking in weight loss pills, you would probably gain access to the fastest route for you to lose your weight. As for other professionals, such as typical dieticians as well as nutritionists, they would logically think that by applying a low-carb diet in your life, your extra weight can be lowered too.

Between these two, which is the best one? Weight loss pills? Or, the seemingly healthier low-carb diet? Let's take a good look at those pills for now. Majority of the diet pills manufactured in this world, are invented for a purpose; which is to find a genuine solution to the problems of overweight as well as obesity. The manufacturers have tried many ways and used various formulations to invent the best pills ever in the industry. But still, eventhough many of them are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration agency (FDA), problems still persist.

As for the other method, low-carb diet. This might seems to be a relatively better way compare to weight loss pills. A very recent study in the United States show that low-carb diet appears to be an equally effective route when comparing to weight loss pills consumption. To top it all, low-carb diet does not only help in weight management, the study also prove that it can even lower blood pressure of an individual, definitely a way which is better off. Apart from that, low-carb diet, as suggested by many professionals, is also a good practice by individuals whom have problems such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol as well as arthritis.

Low-carb diet, in other words, also known as Atkin Diet (a type of diet which only concentrates on high protein, high fat, but extremely low in carbohydrates) receives many controversies. Many other professionals are debating the true effectiveness of Atkin Diet, as Atkin Diet only promise preliminary results, but in the long run, the consequence is unknown. Not only does its consequence is unknown, it might be bad as well. Atkin Diet focuses on a process which is known as ketosis, where it further breaks proteins and fats stored in your body into energy fuel. Such process, might cause bad consequence to your body and it might also cause unnecessary tiredness.

But do you know that there is another way which can be recognized as the almost perfect solution to your weight loss program as well as could be very effectively lowering your blood pressure? GT&F Products is your solution. Not only it control your blood glucose level because of the existence of trivalent chromium, it can also curb and prevent a series of metabolic syndromes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Blueberries are delicate flowering plants which hold the abilities which you might not able to imagine. A recent study, researchers from US and Canada have for the first time, found some solid evidences that a few glasses of blueberry can improve the memory of older adults. The researchers conducted a study as explained below to see the feasibility of blueberry as a memory enhancer.

Researchers based on concrete details about blueberries, and postulated that blueberries itself actually contains polyphenols, which are mostly anthocyanins (substances are known to have antioxidant as well as effects of anti-inflammation). In regards of that, blueberries are said to be able in preventing as well as curbing neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Krikorian, led a team of fellow researchers, recruited 9 older adults who were then, in their 70's, showing early signs of memory loss. To determine the effectiveness of the berries, the researchers asked these participants to undergo a series of cognitive and memory tests. After that, these individuals were asked to drink two and two and a half of cups of commercially available blueberry juice a day.

After 12 weeks, when these individuals were once again underwent the same memory and cognitive tests, obvious improvements were shown. Apart from showing encouraging results as far as the outcome of the tests are concerned, trends such as decreasing depressive symptoms as well as lowering in glucose levels are also observed.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Benefits of Less Salt

According to, salt is an important element to all humankind. Salt plays various roles in human's biochemical body system. Why is salt so important to us? For one, salt is an important electrolyte in our body, and it lives up its role to maintain the critical osmotic balance in our body cells. Other than that, salt is also functions especially in nerve impulse signaling.

Generally, salt consists of two common components which you've probably know about it, namely sodium and chloride. Sodium regulates many biochemical processes in human body, for example, human hydration and pH level. While chloride enables the blood to carry carbon dioxide from out tissues to lungs.

Though salt has various functions in our body, but salt, generally is only needed for a minute amount. According to American Heart Association, dietary sodium allowed for intake per day is about 3,000 miligrams (which is 3 grams). Regarding to a recent study done by US researchers from the University of California, a small reduction in daily salt intake could reduce heart attacks, strokes, as well as deaths in Americans.

Based on the American population, the researchers suggested that by reducing a small amount of salt intake for about one half teaspoon (approximately 1,200 mg of sodium), discoveries such as these: 11 per cent fewer new cases of heart disease, 13 per cent fewer heart attacks, 8 per cent fewer strokes, and 4 per cent fewer deaths; were found.