Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Blueberries are delicate flowering plants which hold the abilities which you might not able to imagine. A recent study, researchers from US and Canada have for the first time, found some solid evidences that a few glasses of blueberry can improve the memory of older adults. The researchers conducted a study as explained below to see the feasibility of blueberry as a memory enhancer.

Researchers based on concrete details about blueberries, and postulated that blueberries itself actually contains polyphenols, which are mostly anthocyanins (substances are known to have antioxidant as well as effects of anti-inflammation). In regards of that, blueberries are said to be able in preventing as well as curbing neurodegenerative and cardiovascular diseases.
Dr. Krikorian, led a team of fellow researchers, recruited 9 older adults who were then, in their 70's, showing early signs of memory loss. To determine the effectiveness of the berries, the researchers asked these participants to undergo a series of cognitive and memory tests. After that, these individuals were asked to drink two and two and a half of cups of commercially available blueberry juice a day.

After 12 weeks, when these individuals were once again underwent the same memory and cognitive tests, obvious improvements were shown. Apart from showing encouraging results as far as the outcome of the tests are concerned, trends such as decreasing depressive symptoms as well as lowering in glucose levels are also observed.

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