Friday, October 9, 2009

Obesity & Depression

Obesity, a condition where individuals have reach the level of perception as being regarded as "over-weight" is very common especially in western countries such as the United States. But gradually, such phenomenon seems to become more and more prevalent in Asian countries as well. Depression, on the other hand, has been striking many people regardless of which countries they live in, either westerners or easterners, all individuals are at risk for this one.

A recent study shows that the relationship between obesity and depression is actually very closely related. Various comments on a new research paper on this topic is published in BMJ by Professor Mika Kivimaki from University College London.

Among the various comments, specialists and professionals such as Dr. Evan Atlantis from University of Adelaide's School of Medicine, explained that obese people who tend to perceive themselves as being overweight, would consequently present with the symptoms of low self-esteem adn guilt. Such phenomenon indicates that obesity is closely link to socioeconomic disadvantages and low levels of physical activities, where these are among the major predictors lead to depression.

He also added that being an obesed person, stress and tension feeling inside the individual could cause significant physiological dysfunction, a symptom which further contributes to depressed mood and associated symptoms.

But fortunately, the existence of GT&F Milk Powder proves to be able in improving depression as well as obesity. Hence, drink GT&F Milk everyday to prevent these two silent torturers!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Grab a Pet

Many individuals like pets and even have a thought of adopting a pet as their companions ever since they were still kids. Many times, pets can be adorable, pets can be your most loyal companion when you are all alone. But have you ever heard that pets could be a way in treating or improving certain diseases?

Currently, lowers blood pressure, exercises encouragement, the improvement of psychological health are not the sole effects which we could observe as the results of drugs or medicines, but fostering a four-legged, furry pet shows these effects scientifically as well.

University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction (ReCHAI) will explore the many ways on how animals could benefit people of all ages during a conference in Kansas City late this month.

Rebecca Johnson, an associate professor in the MU Sinclair School of Nursing, the College pf Veterinary Medicine and director of ReCHAI mentioned that the older people who walked their dogs could improve their walking capabilities by 28 percent. Other than that, there are also conducted studies which show that pet ownership may have multiple health and emotional benefits for both children and adults.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OPP – Health and Motivation Talk

Our bodies are composed of several trillions of cells. These cells have specific duties and work together towards maintaining health. Every tissue in the body is made of cells and organs are organized clusters of related cells. Although cells differ in their functions but they require the same basic nutrients which is Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF is the key to perfect health and the absence of disease.

Ms. Jessy Lim, a nutritionist have gave a product talk on 5th October 2009 (Monday). Healthy cells require healthy food. Healthy food is food eaten just as close to the way God made it as possible and that means the mother breast milk. GT&F® milk powder emulated the formula of mother breast milk through using patented biotechnology to create the structure of Lactoferrin Chromium. In addition, from her talk, the audiences knew that “GT&F® milk powder is the best medicine” because it does address cellular inflammation, cellular oxidation, lack of cellular energy, cellular toxicity and poor cellular communication. She also took the chance to advise all the audiences so to keep an eye for the influenza A(H1N1) infection eventhough the issue gradually ignored by the public.

Next up, Mr. Hugo Lim, one of the powerful leaders have also presented a motivation talk to the audience. He focus on the aspects of attitude and behaviour. He stressed the points that we should change our negative thinking or view in order to success in this business. A good leader must be able to act as a good role model for all his downlines. He himself must be always take care of his downlines benefits rather than his own benefits. Never be selfish to success in this business! Continuous sharing with and learning from others will make you to step further efficiently.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cholesterol for Brain Development

When an adult received his or her medical report from the pathlab or any related medical institutes, he or she would normally look closely at the number shown besides the words "cholesterol level".

Laymen out there often regard cholesterol as a bad constituents and they usually hope that they could put a efforts in eliminating these so-called hazardous cholesterol. But as a matter of fact, cholesterol actually can be generally categorized into two different categories, namely good cholesterol, HDL (High density lipoprotein) and bad cholesterol LDL (Low density lipoprotein).

If the amount of LDL cholesterol appears to be too much in the bloodstream. Eventually, this could lead to the formation of plagues and this consequently impair the flexibility of the arteries. Gradually, diseases such as atherosclerosis could occur.

On the other hand, when the high amount of HDL cholesterol present in the blood stream, they tend to carry the fats away from the arteries and bring them back to the liver. Thus, this could lower the risk of heart disease occurrence.

The details above are just for your additional information, but what we are going to discuss today, is about a new study which indicates that cholesterol proves to be a vital substances in brain development.

The research, led by Professor Ernest Arenas from a Swedish medical university, Karolinska Institutet, had demonstrated that a specific receptor in the brain by an oxidised form of a type of cholesterol called oxysterol is responsible in the formation of dopamine-producing neurons during brain development in mice.

Professor Arenas further postulated that the loss of oxysterol could be one of the main causal factors in the stimulation of Parkinson's Disease.