Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OPP – Health and Motivation Talk

Our bodies are composed of several trillions of cells. These cells have specific duties and work together towards maintaining health. Every tissue in the body is made of cells and organs are organized clusters of related cells. Although cells differ in their functions but they require the same basic nutrients which is Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF). GTF is the key to perfect health and the absence of disease.

Ms. Jessy Lim, a nutritionist have gave a product talk on 5th October 2009 (Monday). Healthy cells require healthy food. Healthy food is food eaten just as close to the way God made it as possible and that means the mother breast milk. GT&F® milk powder emulated the formula of mother breast milk through using patented biotechnology to create the structure of Lactoferrin Chromium. In addition, from her talk, the audiences knew that “GT&F® milk powder is the best medicine” because it does address cellular inflammation, cellular oxidation, lack of cellular energy, cellular toxicity and poor cellular communication. She also took the chance to advise all the audiences so to keep an eye for the influenza A(H1N1) infection eventhough the issue gradually ignored by the public.

Next up, Mr. Hugo Lim, one of the powerful leaders have also presented a motivation talk to the audience. He focus on the aspects of attitude and behaviour. He stressed the points that we should change our negative thinking or view in order to success in this business. A good leader must be able to act as a good role model for all his downlines. He himself must be always take care of his downlines benefits rather than his own benefits. Never be selfish to success in this business! Continuous sharing with and learning from others will make you to step further efficiently.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

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