Friday, October 9, 2009

Obesity & Depression

Obesity, a condition where individuals have reach the level of perception as being regarded as "over-weight" is very common especially in western countries such as the United States. But gradually, such phenomenon seems to become more and more prevalent in Asian countries as well. Depression, on the other hand, has been striking many people regardless of which countries they live in, either westerners or easterners, all individuals are at risk for this one.

A recent study shows that the relationship between obesity and depression is actually very closely related. Various comments on a new research paper on this topic is published in BMJ by Professor Mika Kivimaki from University College London.

Among the various comments, specialists and professionals such as Dr. Evan Atlantis from University of Adelaide's School of Medicine, explained that obese people who tend to perceive themselves as being overweight, would consequently present with the symptoms of low self-esteem adn guilt. Such phenomenon indicates that obesity is closely link to socioeconomic disadvantages and low levels of physical activities, where these are among the major predictors lead to depression.

He also added that being an obesed person, stress and tension feeling inside the individual could cause significant physiological dysfunction, a symptom which further contributes to depressed mood and associated symptoms.

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