Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fight Monday Blues

To every working individuals, whenever Friday arrives, bad mood will somehow being elevated from the bottom of the heart to cloud nine. Almost everybody, from this point onwards, will have high EQ, and see things very differently as they are especially across the weekdays. Flowers seemed to be much more prettier on Friday and Saturday. When when Sunday comes, marvelous mood that they experience on Friday and Saturday would suddenly fell from heaven back to the hell, just because they could foresee the arrival of Monday. So what does it take for you to smile all the way, from Sunday night to Thursday night?

ITV Daybreak's Health Editor and Alzheimer's Society supporter, Dr Hilary Jones mentioned his top 5 tips about how to keep your mind and soul happy as you want across the whole week. The very first tip that he gave, was all about exercising. This one is especially important if you stay firm with your own goal. If you have a goal on completing some new regimes with exercising, it is much easier for you to implement. Exercises such as running not only can lift your mood, it can also improve your well-being.

The second is none other than showing kindness to other people. Showing kindness including helping people out with their own problems, support them whenever they need someone besides them, and a lot more. Not only it does help improving people's mood, it also elevates yours too! Other than that, individuals who received your help will also remember the kindness you offered them. The birth of new friendship or the extension of current friendship to greater heights can also be expected, by simply showing some kindness!

By making contacts with the nature, such as viewing a magnificent panoramic view of a green and leafy garden, with the presence of blue sky, and deep blue ocean, this can also elevate your current inferior mood. What is more, such experience is said to have even the same effects comparing taking in prescribed drugs to treat certain mental distress.

More to come, as the saying goes, "laughter is the best medicine". Yes, indeed, it can be the greatest medicine ever to cure your moody situations. Whenever you're feeling low and down, it is high time for you to go out for a comedy night, a hilarious show or movie, or just simply hang out with a bunch of wacky friends whom you think they are capable enough to make you laugh out loud. Laughing causes the stimulation of endorphin, substance which reduces stress. Sometimes these really are the best medicines.

Last but not least, is the B-A-N-A-N-A, banana, monkeys' symbolic food. There was once a story for the kids, mentioning that why monkey likes to jump all over and can be so happily living with its community, is because of the power of bananas. Is that true? Scientifically speaking, it is true enough. Banana contains tryptophan, which in turns will stimulate the serotonin hormones, also known as the happiness hormones. So go and grab some when Sunday comes, it might come in handy.