Saturday, November 7, 2009

Aspirin Really Works?

Aspirin has been long established as a drug which aids heart attack patients.

How does it work? Cited from wikipedia, aspirin actually has an antiplatelet effect by inhibiting thromboxane production. This thromboxane usually binds platelet molecules and thus create a patch over damage of the wall within the blood vessels.

Low doses of aspirin could do wonders to patients who experience heart attacks, strokes and also blood clot formation. Aspirin has been established that by utilizing a low doses of it, for instant immediately after a heart attack, the risk of another heart attack or the death of cardiac tissue can be reduced.

As a matter of fact, aspirin is taken by individuals who have already had problems such as heart attack or stroke as secondary prevention, the benefits are well established. But currently, many people, especially those who do not have any symptoms of heart attack, but are known to be at risk in having it, they tend to take low doses of aspirin to prevent the occurrence of the disease.

However, DTB (Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin) does not seem to encourage such groups of people (who do not have symptoms) to take low dosage of aspirin for the sake of mere prenvention as the potential risk of serious gastrointestinal bleeds could be deadly.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Flu, Go Away!

Here it is again, the rainy season. When you flip open the newspapers, you would probably notice sudden flood which occurred in many countries, even in some remote places in Malaysia too had become the latest victims of flood.

Well, of course we are not talking about floods over here, but, a highly popular diseases which closely connected to the current rainy season. Yes, as an intelligent reader, you are correct, flu it is!

Especially for individuals who have sinus problems all their lives, rainy days appear to be even more troublesome. When these individuals first open their eyes, waking up from their 7 or 8-hour dreamland, they would probably listening to themselves sniffing, and found themselves caught a flu.

The only solution to fight against flu, would be a strong immune system. Other than consuming GT&F products, which could boost your immune system in no time, bounty amount of fruits and vegetables, especially those with vibrant colors, could also boost your immune system greatly!

A new study in America, found that 8 in 10 Americans who were lacking in colorful fruits and vegetables consumption, appear to have serious phytonutrient gap. The study primarily based on five color categories of fruits and vegetables, namely green, red, white, blue/purple and yellow, as well as the phytonutrients found in each category.

For optimal health, two foods from each of the 5 color categories are especially vital, and if it's possible, make it a total of 10 servings each day. In no time, you'll then regain your superb immune system!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

OPP – Diabetes Education and Prevention

World Diabetes Day (WDD) is celebrated every year on November 14. Diabetes Education and Prevention is the World Diabetes Day theme for the period 2009-2013. The campaign calls on all those responsible for diabetes care to understand diabetes and take control. Diabetes is a serious condition for the individual and society. Its rapidly increasing global prevalence is a significant cause for concern. The global diabetes epidemic has devastating human, social and economic effects. The largest costs of diabetes worldwide are its devastating effects on families and national economies.

Ms. Jessy Lim have talked for the topic of World Diabetes Day on 2nd November 2009 (Monday). She shared some statistics of the prevalence of diabetes worldwide to the audience. Followed by the explanation for the World Diabetes Day’s logo which is the blue circle - the global symbol for diabetes which was developed as part of the Unite for Diabetes awareness campaign. Then, she started to raise awareness among the audiences by educated the audience for each sign and symbol that related to diabetes. She then delivered the finding where GTF as the new hope for diabetic and introduced the best food for diabetic, GT&F® Milk Powder.

Next up, company had decided to mark the first OPP of each month as marketing plan training session. Mr. Hugo Lim proudly to be the first trainer for the first marketing plan training session that held on OPP. He went through all the points of marketing plan first then he gave one question to the audiences and required them to solve it. Everyone was enjoyed to try solve the question. Some comrades even came out to the front stage and compared their solution with the audiences. In addition, Mr. Lim Hua San shared some information of marketing plan as well. He said life is never easy but then after all hardships, we can obtain blissful. This session was meaningful and hope it can be carry out more successful in coming future.

To get rich never risk your health. For it is the truth that health is the wealth of wealth.

~ Richard Baker ~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Evidence in Visceral Fats Reduction

For those of you who have been coming forward to GTF Worldwide Sdn Bhd for quite some time now, the company's nutritionists must have examined your Body Mass Composition (BMI) and the amount of your subcutaneous fats as well as visceral fats.

If you found out that the level of subcutaneous fats appeared to be quite high, it won't worry you that much, but what could really make you worry, is the high amount of visceral fats. For your information, visceral fats are non-visible, but although it is not visible, it is highly hazardous as it could grab a person's life should its amount reaches a very high level.

After each examination, individuals who have been tested in possessing high amount of visceral fats, would usually consult the nutritionists about the routes and effective methods which could reduce these unnecessary fats. Although exercising always seemed to be one of the suggested solutions, but visitors often doubt about its effectiveness.

A study about the effectiveness of exercising in warding off dangerous visceral fats has been published online on 8th October 2009, this particular study will next to appear in a future print edition of the journal Obesity.

The study was consisted of participants whom are divided into two groups. One group them of undergo 40 minutes exercise regimen such as aerobic training and resistance training, and another group does not do any exercise at all. These participants were asked to consume 800 calories of diet each day. This condition was maintained over a year of time.

After a critical year later, what the researchers found was for those who underwent exercises, despite modest weight regained, they have regained of zero visceral fats. While for those who did not do any exercise at all, the study showed that they regained 33% of visceral fats averagely.