Friday, May 22, 2009

The Downside of Antidepressants

The major financial slump which happened in the last quarter of the year in 2008 had caused a lot of people having the inclination in attempting suicide. Among those who had caused the furore, majority of them fall in the range of 10-19 years old, in another word, they are all teens and adolescents virtually.

As a consequence, those who took up the roles as a parent, will often figure out the best method to cure or treat their problems. Very commonly, these parents would probably purchase some antidepressants for their kids and children to consume.

But sadly, antidepressants do not seem to be the solution to solve the problem. In the contrary, antidepressants seem to cause more and more people in attempting suicide. These statements, of course, are based on a number of evidences, and we'll list them all out over here.

First thing first, even in the year of 2004, FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) had postulated that antidepressants actually did have negative impacts on those who consumed, especially the adolescents as mentioned.

As the time goes by, up to this day, there are also strong evidence which show such inclination. For example, this piece of news tells us that

"Two out of five
suicide victims among troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have been found to be on antidepressants" - cited from eNews Park Forest.

The news mentioned above was published just a couple of days ago, on 20th May 2009. Indeed, many kind of antidepressants revolve in this sophisticated society somehow, prove to trigger more emotional problems rather than suppress them.

However, there are also doctors and parents who still support the idea in prescribing antidepressants to those who experiencing depression. For instance, Sara Fritz, a mother of a teen, had expressed sincerest gratitude to the psychologists and neurologists who had been treating her child in the year of 2004. The treatment used was by prescribing drugs which contains fluoxetine in it. Fritz was relieved when her son's depression went unrecognized after a certain period with the mentioned treatment. We have to admit that we cannot deny that fluoxetine could very well treat th problems, but unfortunately, it brings a lot of side effects which you probably never came across of.

But with the consumption of GT&F products, it can be concluded that depression patients can now release their burdens and forget all about the worries they face in their daily lives. With this supportive evidence, it show very clearly that chromium is virtually the one minor element which shows good signs in curbing emotional problems among the sufferers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leptospirosis Caution !

These days, diseases are bugging us anywhere, anytime.

Several weeks ago, H1N1 came into the fray and haunted us with a somewhat similar disease that resembled the deadly bird flu. Later on, meningitis made its presence in Malacca and it caused a number of patients quarantined.

The latest disease which "loiters" around town currently, is a disease called Leptospirosis. In the meantime, the brand new marketing plan will launch very soon, further information about it will probably being seen in the near future in our sister blog site.

Well, even though this article should present in here earlier on, but this very topic is still circulating within the community, especially the Penang citizens.

Leptospirosis in kidney

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a kind of bacterium which is called Leptospira spp. If you follow the news published in Chinese newspapers, some of them are telling stories about it by referring it as 鼠尿病 (literally : Rat Urine Disease). Generally speaking, the bacteria can be transmitted from contaminated urine excreted by majority of the mammals, NOT ONLY through the excreta from the rats, but with the likes of mice, voles, dogs, deer, rabbits, cows, sheep, and even hedgehogs! The list can continue on and on.

Leptospirosis is relatively a rare bacterial infection in human. The only possible way for the bacteria to invade human is by transmission when the contaminated animal urine comes in contact with unheal wounds (on skin or in the eyes, for examples).

Hence, for those who rear pets, these are the people who need to look at this thing even more seriously for they expose to higher risk compare to anyone else. Thus, the cleanliness of your pets is highly important.

Leptospirosis is often misjudged by many people since its symptoms fall in a wide range with no certainty. Among the possible symptoms include meningitis, hearing loss, extreme fatigue, renal/liver failure (often appears as a result of jaundice), cardiovascular problems, vomitting and many more. It is difficult to predict whether an individual is infected with such disease without undergoing proper diagnostic procedures.

There is no human vaccine currently, therefore it really depend on how strong our human system could react in overcoming these pathogens. Hence, it's essential to restore more and more GTF into our body, which consequently enhances the rate of metabolism in our body, hopefully then our immune cells will grow stronger and manage to overpower the hazardous invaders.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OPP & Birthday Celebration

Yes, the very much anticipated day for the staffs was finally here on 18th May 2009. This date is definitely a significant one for our boss, the managing director of GTF, Mr. Lim Hua San, since he was born many many years ago on the same date.

Before the OPP of the day begun, GTF staffs had co-operated and had thorough discussions among each other about what they would do after the seminar is over on the night itself. Well, we made an exclusive video clip for the boss, which... well, you'll see in the later part of this post.

Mr. Kayvi Ang once again joined forces to create further health awareness to the audiences by delivering a wonderful speech entitled "Emotion Balance Nutrition". Indeed, like how Mr. Kayvi described throughout his talk, emotion certainly closely related to our diets as well as our physiological mechanism, especially our hormones. The audiences surely felt fortunate to have him spreading the words around.

Audiences were listening very attentively to the speech delivered by Mr. Kayvi Ang.

Distributors were probably very familiar with words such as "Metabolic Syndromes", but have you ever heard of the catchy words with the likes of "Sales Syndromes"? Mr. Hugo Lim delivered a persuasive speech by listing down every single shortcomings which would possibly encountered by comrades, particularly the newcomers.

Mr. Hugo Lim provided tips and shared his vast experiences with the audiences.

After around 20 minutes or so, GTF managing director Mr. Lim revealed the new marketing plan which will be implemented approximately in July.

Later on, everyone was so surprised with what we had prepared and planned early on. With fine cooperation between the staffs, a splendid-looking cake with a famous cartoon character, Mickey meticulously being carved on it, certainly brought the heated atmosphere to the next level.

Mr. Lim blew the candles off happily after everyone in the place wished him happy birthday by singing their hearts out.

Certainly a harmonious moment to remember.

As promised, below is the video clip which was aired during the night of birthday celebration. For those who have missed it, here's another chance for you to enjoy the show.