Tuesday, May 19, 2009

OPP & Birthday Celebration

Yes, the very much anticipated day for the staffs was finally here on 18th May 2009. This date is definitely a significant one for our boss, the managing director of GTF, Mr. Lim Hua San, since he was born many many years ago on the same date.

Before the OPP of the day begun, GTF staffs had co-operated and had thorough discussions among each other about what they would do after the seminar is over on the night itself. Well, we made an exclusive video clip for the boss, which... well, you'll see in the later part of this post.

Mr. Kayvi Ang once again joined forces to create further health awareness to the audiences by delivering a wonderful speech entitled "Emotion Balance Nutrition". Indeed, like how Mr. Kayvi described throughout his talk, emotion certainly closely related to our diets as well as our physiological mechanism, especially our hormones. The audiences surely felt fortunate to have him spreading the words around.

Audiences were listening very attentively to the speech delivered by Mr. Kayvi Ang.

Distributors were probably very familiar with words such as "Metabolic Syndromes", but have you ever heard of the catchy words with the likes of "Sales Syndromes"? Mr. Hugo Lim delivered a persuasive speech by listing down every single shortcomings which would possibly encountered by comrades, particularly the newcomers.

Mr. Hugo Lim provided tips and shared his vast experiences with the audiences.

After around 20 minutes or so, GTF managing director Mr. Lim revealed the new marketing plan which will be implemented approximately in July.

Later on, everyone was so surprised with what we had prepared and planned early on. With fine cooperation between the staffs, a splendid-looking cake with a famous cartoon character, Mickey meticulously being carved on it, certainly brought the heated atmosphere to the next level.

Mr. Lim blew the candles off happily after everyone in the place wished him happy birthday by singing their hearts out.

Certainly a harmonious moment to remember.

As promised, below is the video clip which was aired during the night of birthday celebration. For those who have missed it, here's another chance for you to enjoy the show.

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