Thursday, May 21, 2009

Leptospirosis Caution !

These days, diseases are bugging us anywhere, anytime.

Several weeks ago, H1N1 came into the fray and haunted us with a somewhat similar disease that resembled the deadly bird flu. Later on, meningitis made its presence in Malacca and it caused a number of patients quarantined.

The latest disease which "loiters" around town currently, is a disease called Leptospirosis. In the meantime, the brand new marketing plan will launch very soon, further information about it will probably being seen in the near future in our sister blog site.

Well, even though this article should present in here earlier on, but this very topic is still circulating within the community, especially the Penang citizens.

Leptospirosis in kidney

Leptospirosis is a disease caused by a kind of bacterium which is called Leptospira spp. If you follow the news published in Chinese newspapers, some of them are telling stories about it by referring it as 鼠尿病 (literally : Rat Urine Disease). Generally speaking, the bacteria can be transmitted from contaminated urine excreted by majority of the mammals, NOT ONLY through the excreta from the rats, but with the likes of mice, voles, dogs, deer, rabbits, cows, sheep, and even hedgehogs! The list can continue on and on.

Leptospirosis is relatively a rare bacterial infection in human. The only possible way for the bacteria to invade human is by transmission when the contaminated animal urine comes in contact with unheal wounds (on skin or in the eyes, for examples).

Hence, for those who rear pets, these are the people who need to look at this thing even more seriously for they expose to higher risk compare to anyone else. Thus, the cleanliness of your pets is highly important.

Leptospirosis is often misjudged by many people since its symptoms fall in a wide range with no certainty. Among the possible symptoms include meningitis, hearing loss, extreme fatigue, renal/liver failure (often appears as a result of jaundice), cardiovascular problems, vomitting and many more. It is difficult to predict whether an individual is infected with such disease without undergoing proper diagnostic procedures.

There is no human vaccine currently, therefore it really depend on how strong our human system could react in overcoming these pathogens. Hence, it's essential to restore more and more GTF into our body, which consequently enhances the rate of metabolism in our body, hopefully then our immune cells will grow stronger and manage to overpower the hazardous invaders.

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