Saturday, October 17, 2009

Agent in Easing Pain

Comfort foods are simple foods which are somewhat familiar to all of us, and these foods are usually home-cooked or even being served at many informal restaurants around town. These foods are often being related to the word "nostalgic" as people always associate those foods with their pleasant childhood; a phenomenon which in turns, providing a significant emotional consequence to a person or group of people.

Various foods and snacks are often categorized as comfort foods. Examples of comfort foods are such as ice creams, chocolates, chicken and dumplings, potato chips, and other various famous snacks. Many creative mixtures of foods have emerged that people term as comfort food. (cited from Wikipedia)

But of course, these foods could certainly bring you obesity if you consume them uncontrollably. Before you think that those comfort foods, besides giving you significant emotional improvement, all it does is raising your chance to be obese, think again!

Hold your horses on your thinking up to this point, because comfort foods are now also considered as edible foods which could also blunt pain. In the experiments which were conducted, mice were tested on how fast or slow their reaction would be in raising their paw when heat is released from a light bulb placed near the mice. Mice which were given chocolate chips or sugar water to be infused directly into their mouth, appeared to react much slower in raising their paw much slower to raise their paw, compared to those who were also awoke, but not eating.

Researchers believed that the purpose of the taste system is to give the animal a cue that helps it to decide what stimulus they should or should not pay attention to. But further details on this study is needed to be done to ensure the outcome of comfort foods ingestion.

Therefore, consuming comfort foods does not seem to be a bad thing after all, but consume moderately, as everything which is stretched beyond its limit brings toxicity.

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