Saturday, October 17, 2009

Be Overweight?

Never mind what we have learned in the past that as far as health is concerned, we should watch out on our weight in order not allowing it to stretch up or down the ideal number which we have always desired. But today, it seems quite contradictory for us to accept that, there's actually a study which tells the people that, being overweight, not only is not a psychological sin, it might also be the direction where everyone should head to. Why is that?

Contrary to what was previously assumed, particularly the Germans, University of Hamburg has conducted a study which preliminarily shown that being overweight can extend the lifespan of an individual. But please be really clear about the distinctive differences between obesity and overweight.

According to, an overweight individual, has the BMI readings between 25-29.9. While for individuals whom are considered obese, their range of BMI should be 30 or more. In case you've forgotten, BMI can be calculated by (weight in kg)/(height in metre)^2.

According to the published study in
Süddeutsche Zeitungm, overweight does not increase death rates, but instead extend the lifespan, while obesity does increase death rates by 20%. But as people grow older, obesity seems to be making less and less difference.

Although overweight is now claimed to be possibly bringing great benefits to individuals, but individuals should still watch out on their weights as being overweight could also possibly be an indication that the weight could lead to obesity eventually.

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