Sunday, May 10, 2009

GT&F Online Purchase

GT&F Milk Powder Online in Singapore !!

GTF Worldwide formed a company, G-Fortune Pte Ltd established in 2004 as a sole distributor of GT&F Milk Powder in Singapore. GT&F Milk Powder is a worldwide patented product for healthy glucose metabolism and is classified as food supplement by Singapore AVA. It is not a drug; instead it contains all natural food ingredients that promote the use of glucose in our body.

The product has passed safety and quality test including melamine test, microb test, heavy metal test and contaminants test as required by Singapore Health Science Authority.
In July 13, 2007, the product inventor who is also the Dean of Veterinary Department of Taiwan Chung Hsing University, Professor Frank Mao Chia Hung, was invited to present in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Singapore with the topic “Health supplement in managing diabetes”. In the same occasion, Dr Dee Pei, who conducted GT&F clinical trial in Taiwan Buddhist Xindian General Hospital, presented a paper on “The influence of chromium to glycemic control of type 2 diabetes”. Besides, in July 21, 2007, Professor Mao was invited by Society for Intergrative Medicine (SIMS) to present the latest scientific findings of GT&F products in a conference held at Singapore HSA building. The role of GT&F Milk Powder in human health and some recent findings regarding the potency of the product was presented in the conference.

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