Sunday, May 10, 2009

GT&F & Swine Flu

2009 Swine Flu H1N1!!
Prevention is better than cure, but prevention is not as easy as just saying!

Prevention & Treatment (information from WHO & DCD)
Practice general preventive measures for influenza to prevent infection:
a. avoid close contact with people appear unwell and have fever and cough
b. wash your hands with soap and water thoroughly and often
c. practice good health habits including adequate sleep, eating nutritious food, and keeping
physically active.

Benefits of GTF - GT&F Milk Powder

GTF is the complex of lactoferrin and trivalent chromium. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding glycoprotein protein and has many functions described as well:
1. improvement of the immune system
2. antibacterial and antiviral properties
3. anti-inflammation
4. antiparasitic and antifungal

Chromium is an essential element for normal glucose and lipid metabolism and provides many functions for human health:
1. improvement of glucose and lipid metabolism
2. antioxidatvie damage
3. anti-inflammation

Therefore, daily supplementation of GTF will effectively keep you healthy enough against influenza.

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