Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Fat in the Liver

Does the above picture ring any bells to you? Admit that it does, especially if you are a loyal consumer of GTF Products. These kind of pictures could very possibly be seen in the flyers or something, telling you that obesity has very huge possibilities in having intimate relationship with diabetes.

But obesity indicates the occurrence of diabetes is now considered as an old-school thought. In a very recent study, nutrition researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in st. Louis suggested that one of the common indications of diabetes, ie: the accumulation of fats and excess triglycerides in the belly, does not seem to be a very accurate one, but instead, it just serves as an innocent bystander marker. The latest findings, shows that the true marker got to go to the accumulation of fat in the liver instead of in the belly.

A senior investigator from the group of researchers, Samuel Klein said that visceral fat (fat accumulated in the belly) might closely relates itself with the complications which are familiar to everyone of us, namely diabetes, high blood pressure and any form of heart-related diseases. But at the same time, visceral fats actually link closely with liver fats.

This postulation can also be interpreted in a way that, if a person is obese but does not have high level of fats in the liver, is very much encouraged to lose some weight, even if it is just a small amount of weight, for this small amount of weight could make a big difference to you.

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