Friday, August 28, 2009

Brain Degeneration

Every single animal which you can probably think of, has a brain. But as far as all the brains in the universe are concerned, the brain which you have, the one existing inside your head, is the most uniquely created brain of all -- The human brain.

From ages ago, people have developed an idea where the usage of brain by human is only approximately 10% of the total brain capacity. But years after that, the bemusing theory has somewhat regarded as a mere myth. As a matter of fact, we are actually using nearly 100% of our brain, just that as the technology is getting more and more advanced, our minds always just focus on the tubes and rely heavily on calculators, thus it impedes us from using 100% of our precious brain. Without proper training of our brain, the individuals would tend to turn out to be a slacker in the long run. See how majestic a brain is to us?

Recently, researchers led by Dr. Paul Thompson, a professor of neurology from University of California has conducted a study on the relationship between the human brain and obesity (over-weight).

As you may already know, obese people holds the BMI value above 30. This group of people, are said to have strong linkage to severe brain degeneration. Previously, obese individuals are only linked closely with diseases which are called metabolic syndromes, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart-related diseases, etc. But this latest evidence has shown that, apart from all that, brain degeneration seems to be the next show-down from obesity.

The study found that the brain tissues in individuals who are over-weight, shows an obvious inclination in reduction in number, particularly in the areas which are important in planning and memory(the frontal and temporal lobes), attention and executive functions (the anterior cingulate gyrus), long-term memory (the hippocampus), and movement (the basal ganglia).

Especially for old folks who are also obese, their situations would be even more severe than those who are relatively younger. A huge percentage of old folks encounter problems in memory and concentration, in other words, many of them have Alzheimer's Disease. If they are also over-weight at the same time, brain degeneration tends to happen even quicker than usual.

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