Sunday, November 15, 2009

Great Dark Chocolates

In a recent study, Nestle researchers suggested that by just eating a few pieces of dark chocolates every day, it could improve the metabolic response of people who feel very stressful. As far as stress level is concerned, dark chocolate is also known as the best stress and anxiety reliever.

A researcher from Nestle Reseaarch Center in Lausanne, Switzerland, Sunil Kochhar, along with his team of researchers, had investigated the metabolic response in group of 30 adult volunteers who were healthy. These individuals were asked to consume 20g of dark chocolate everyday, for 2 weeks consecutively.

After the given period, the researchers found out through their urine and blood plasma samples, that subjects with higher anxiety trait had a distinct metabolic profile, and dark chocolate really does reduce the amount of stress hormone cortisol and catecholamines in the urine. In conjunction to the result, Kochhar suggested that consuming dark chocolate saily could positively impact the metablism of people that report in having high-stress levels.

But chocolate seems to be the nemesis for diabetic patients. Diabetes patients are usually afraid of sweet foods and confectionery. But some other studies also suggested that dark chocolate contains relatively lower in sugar, and appears to be one of the ways to fight diabetes, claiming the statement that "you can fight diabetes even by consuming chocolates". But how true it is, we barely know exactly about it. What we do know is, GTF Milk Powder can definitely help you to reduce sugar level.

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