Sunday, November 15, 2009

Text Messaging?

Recalling back to the olden days, people are using big, black handsets. These big and black handsets have the size of a huge plastic bottles which we're using nowadays. Now, whenever modern people like us have a thought about these types of old handsets, we could not help but express a broad scornful smile in our hearts secretly. In addition, these handsets back then, were only functioned as a tool to receive calls as well as calling out to the others.

Now, the phones we have today are getting more and more sophisticated, and their sizes, of course.... are getting tinier and tinier that they can fit so easily inside our little pockets. As the technology advances through the days, handsets which are used to just receiving or making calls appeared to be very lame gadgets. What handset users, especially those young ones usually expected today, are texting messages to other users.

Recently, studies have been conducted to show evidences that texting activities can be as hazardous as sitting in front of the computers all day long. For those people who sit for long periods at computers, such as office workers, diseases such as carpal tunnel syndrome is a common one, and based on preliminary findings, asistant professor Judith Gold found that among college students, the more frequent they texted, the more pain they would experienced in necks and shoulders.

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