Friday, November 20, 2009

Mental Budget

Economic meltdown has caused a lot of people to cut down their budgets in making purchases. For economic downturn, more liquidal assets such as cash or money are involved, but have you ever thought of things like "Mental Food Budget"?

Instead of cutting off the amount of money you spend, Mental Food Budget requires you to cut down the calories or foods you take in order to keep your body healthy. Sticking to a "mental budget", you might help yourself in slimming by losing weight and follow healthier diet plans.

Based on statistics, Malaysians take in large amount of processed foods instead of foods that are more organic, and people who do not stick to a healthy diet and instead sticks to these processed food would be more likely to suffer from depression.

Journal of Consumer Research revealed that by keeping a count of sweet and fattening snacks consumed using a point system can help people on a weight loss programme. The study suggested that by controlling intake of non-healthy foods could help many dieters in losing weight.

Researchers have found several patterns on Mental Food Budget. Firstly, it is insufficient if you have a mental budget alone in your mind, instead of just having that concept in mind, individuals must have an active goal. Secondly, individuals need to have accurate information about the products needed to match the units of mental budgets. Third and last of all, mental budget can only be succeeded if individuals followed specific numerical recommendations.

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