Friday, May 29, 2009

Common Myth About Laboratory Mice

From decades ago to this day, many people are still very curious on one thing about researches in science, which is the usage of white mice in the laboratory.

Most of the people have doubts about how the scientists actually conduct their experiments by using white mice as their experimenting targets. The usual question which often pops out in their mind would be something like:

"Animals are so different from people, is the research being done worthwhile?"

Is it worthwhile? A very good question. Almost similar to the question above, some customers often ask us about the viability of our products as far as human health is concerned, since the invented products were firstly used to be tested on white mice, not human. Thus, some people and potential customers have serial of doubts regarding GT&F Milk Powder.

So, here goes the question:

Why is white mice being used as a test subject in an experiment?

Firstly, mice belong to the mammal class, just like human do. But the important point here which is worth to be pondered would be the mice are actually sharing a very high degree of homology with humans. Homology refers to any similarity between characteristics that is due to their shared ancestry. With at least 80% of DNA in mice is identical to that of humans, such high degree of similarity made mice to be the most appealing research subject. Other than that, mice come in small size, short lifespan, low maintenance in captivity, hence mice is so much more easier to handle.

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