Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Skin Health Nutrition Talk

Like many people say, "you don't get another chance to make a first impression", very true enough, first impression can be considered the best image which stays in people's mind vividly, and most importantly, it often stays in people's mind eternally.

Many people, regardless whether you are a man, or a lass, the important first impression comprises beauty is no longer a taboo topic (especially for males), everyone now is starting to take good care of their outlooks, their appearance, they have strong urge to keep themselves beautifully packaged.

The topic entitled "Skin Health Nutrition" was delivered by our nutritionist, Ms. Jessy Lim on 25th May 2009 (Monday). Throughout the talk, she stressed strongly on how and why our face actually suffer with the growth of acne and the seemingly eternal blemishes and stains.

Besides that, she also explained how some of the malicious substances which can be found in normal facial foams which we use everyday could deteriorate our skin condition.

As we all know, there are specific locations on our face which could very well express the conditions of our internal organs. Ms. Jessy Lim had been very considerate in cultivating the audiences of such concept, by showing audiences the pictures of faces which are divided into compartments, and linking the compartments with majority of our internal organs.

Audiences sure were greatly benefited from such a wonderful speech from our very own nutritionist.

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