Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bells Rang by Angina

Do you have any idea what an angina is? By looking at the picture, you'd probably know what it means. Severe chest pain could serve as its closest synonym.

Although by experiencing angina does not mean to be having high risk in having fatal problems such as myocardial infarction (heart attack), but such symptom appearance proves to be crucial and the person who experience this should take extra caution to his or her body condition.

The above statement is reassured when the researchers hail from National University of Ireland as well as those who come from University of Aberdeen, had published a recent study in British Medical Journal.

They claimed that men who have angina suffer two times of chances in having heart attack or dying compare to women. What the researchers think, is that such phenomenon happens due to more heart surgeries (two or three times more) being done on men compare to women.

Of course, bad lifetsyle such as heavy smoking, overweight as well as getting older also seem to be great contributors in developing the occurrence of angina. But the researchers are not really looking into this, but only made postulations by just studying medical records of the patients.

Since angina could very well live up as the sign of a potential heart attack, we should stop and not even let angina stand a chance to exist within us. One of the easiest, as well as best solution, would be by consuming GTF Products. Angina which relates to heart attack normally is due to oxygen deprivation in heart muscles.

In other words, glucose might have been forming blockage in the blood vessels which link to the heart. GTF products could easily provide the sufficient nutrients to enhance your body metabolism. Hence, glucose accumulated throughout the blood vessels can be metabolized effectively. Consequently, you can be ready to bid farewell to angina.

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