Friday, August 14, 2009

Bad News for Coffee Drinkers

If you have been following the articles which are published in this blog site, you would have notice many articles which tell all the good deeds coffee could bring you. But beware, at least after going through this piece of article, as coffee could potentially harm you the other way.

Billboards everywhere in the town start promoting how great coffee is for the fact that it contains large amount of antioxidants, molecules which could prevent or slowing down the process of oxidation of other molecules. In other words, antioxidants play major role especially in anti-aging.

But coffee these days, starts to show the downsides which appear quite worrying. Researchers from Norwegian University Science and Technology (NTNU) underwent a study and published in the Journal of Headache Pain that, coffee actually could cause migraines.

Coffee is previously known to be a stimulant which could provide positive as well as negative consequences to the consumer. Anyhow, things have become a little confusing as recent studies again proved that coffee could potentially cause the emergence of migraines. The frequency of migraine sufferers appear to be 18% higher in those who had high consumption (around 500mg per day) than non-drinkers. In the other way, caffeine is scientifically known as a common ingredient which can relieve pain.

Hence, to drink, or not to drink, thus becomes a major concern among frequent drinkers. But cutting back the intake of caffeine might help because the reason why migraine sufferers who are also happen to be frequent consumer of coffee experience high precipitation of migraine, would probably caused by the high consumption of caffeine, and this also further explains the unawareness of migraine occurrence by non-frequent coffee drinkers.

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