Sunday, August 9, 2009

Conversion of Pancreatic Cells

In the past, stem cell researches had received great comments from the science field, but at the same time, causing great furore among the environmentalists, especially those who are against the alteration of nature.

As for now, there would probably be another piece of good news for diabetic patients, a very much similar research which resembles stem cells researches, that is, the possible conversion of non-insulin producing pancreatic cells to insulin producing beta cells in the near future.

This research, which is being led by Patrick Collombat and co-funded by Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), has been showing great possibilities and progress in the possible ways of converting non-insulin producing pancreatic cells into insulin-producing cells. A findings which is indeed magnificent.

The secret within, is just by altering a specific gene (Pax4) in alpha cells. The researchers have tested this experiment by using mice, and to their pleasant surpise, they realized that by producing new insulin-producing beta cells with this way, these cells function more efficiently, giving better of glucose level as well as prolonged the life of diabetic mice.

These findings are especially useful as far as Type I diabetic patients are concerned for their bodies could not produce insulin hormones, as they tend to become solely depending on medications and insulin injections.

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