Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Binge Drinking is Bad

"Binge drinking is bad", well of course. Everyone knows that, heavy consumption of alcoholic beverages could bring a lot of fatal consequences. In the public, people often relate alcoholic abuse with cirrhosis of the liver, huge belly formation and other physical health problems.

Other than possibly having the health problems mentioned above in the long term, of course we also know that excessive alcohol intake could probably cause sudden confusion in certain people too. Temporarily, that is. But have you ever wonder how binge drinking could affect us mentally in the long run?

A study which will be published in the near future in the November issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, explains how binge drinking activities affect those drinkers downwardly.

Researchers had examined 95 university students, where 48 of them were males and 47 were females. From these 95 young adults, 42 of them were binge drinkers while the rest were non-alcohol dependent. Researchers used ERP (event-related potential) technique, a technique which is considered extremely sensitive to the presence of alcohol, to examine the participants.

Results found that those who were binge drinkers, showed anomalies while executing a task related to visual working memory, while the non-drinkers or individuals who were not dependent on alcoholic beverages, did not show such anomalies, and they appeared to have better attentive abilities as well as visual working memories than their counterparts.

Consuming alcoholic beverages only bring forward more and more problems to individuals, especially to youngsters nowadays. Replace your favorite alcoholic beverages with nutritious GTF Products now would be the best way for you to stay healthy always!

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