Friday, July 24, 2009

Soothing Scent

Sometimes, individuals with careers such as working adults particularly, would tend to be getting works under their nerves, feeling extremely frustrated toward all the piled up paperworks which are inevitable but forced to complete to meet certain deadlines. As a result, more and more people experience problems related to anxiety and emotional disturbance.

If the level of stress keeps elevating and left untreated, big problems would definitely occur. For example, the individual will most likely suffer melancholy in the long run. To prevent this from occurring, the most important step is to stop stress from progressing even further within us.

The solution? Take a look at a recent study which basically tells you an effective way in reducing stress. Click here to see the mentioned study.

This study, has proven that by smelling certain floral scents, especially one which is called linalool, is said to have the power to reduce the elevated level of neutrophils and lymphocytes back to their normal states. In this study, the lab rats were exposed to stressful conditions, and divided into two groups, where one group of the rats inhaled linalool, while the other group did not.

The results showed that other than returning level of neutrophils and lymphocytes back to normal state, the activities of 100 genes which went into overdrive during stressful condition also seemed to be reduced.

Besides consuming GT&F Products, feel free to breathe the wonderful creations within the Mother Nature, inhale the soothing scents to relieve your stress level!

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