Monday, July 20, 2009

New Aid for Diabetics

In the past, scientists and researchers were investigating deeply into the roots of problems which are faced by diabetic patients. Gradually, they found the cause, namely the malfunction of pancreas, or perhaps it is because of the malfunction or the existing of insufficient insulin hormones.

To this day, one of the latest technologies which have been founded by researchers and fellow scientists, is HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy). This technology (the huge device as pictured above), is said to pump in pure oxygen under pressure. Under such circumstance, when the wounds of diabetic patients are exposed to the oxygen exerted by the device, the chronic wounds are said to be able to heal, and most importantly, preventing the wounded diabetic sufferer from experiencing amputation.

Such therapy, as being scientifically proven that it can surely heal the chronic wound suffered by diabetic patients seems to be a piece of great news! But the cost for such therapy is quite expensive as in foreign countries, a single session for such therapy (which lasts for about an hour) is said to be in the range of $100-$200. What is more, HBOT is needed to be continued until the wound is completely healed.

A continuous process is essential by using such therapy, does it worth each of our penny? For some, maybe it does, but things changed drastically for good reasons when Prof. Frank Mao founded GT&F Products which could basically help each of every diabetic patient.

Does it heal the wounds suffered by the diabetic patients too? Of course it does. We have numerous scientific evidences as well as living testimonies which could tell you that! You are welcome to check it out with our company for further information.

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