Friday, July 17, 2009

The Link of Calorie

People are becoming more and more calorie-conscious nowadays. Many of us think that excessive calorie intake will leave bad scars, especially in our minds, leading us to think that our body weight would be probably increased by several folds if extra calories are being taken consecutively.

Indeed, excessive calorie intake will definitely increase the likeliness that you'll gain unwanted weight, and probably fats too (excessive carbohydrates which are not utilized will very likely converted into fats which are being stored in adipose tissues).

So, what should we do? Have you ever thought of reducing calorie intake? If you think that by consuming lesser calorie would not meet the requirement of your personal satiety, think again.

Recent study shows that by eating fewer calories links closely to prevention of certain diseases and could actually have you live longer than the others who consume relatively higher calories. A group of researchers from University of Winsconsin, led by author Ricki J Colman, had used some 35 rhesus macaques, one of the primates to human, as the study subjects. The age of these primates was then ranged from 7 to 14 years old. Among these macaques, half of them were allow to eat freely while the other half were restricted 30 percent less than their normal diet. By making sure that they did not become malnourished, the researchers also fed them supplements to keep them strong physically.

When the oldest macaque became 29 years old many years later, only 33 monkeys were survived. And the result shows that macaques which consumed less calories have longer lifespan. Apart from that, the occurence risk of certain diseases such as diabetes and cancer are also reduced greatly in those which consumed less calorie. In addition, macaques with restricted diet control also have better memory and are more prone in problem-solving than those allowed to eat freely.

This study seems to be very encouraging as it shows positive effects in primates such as rhesus macaques which are very similar to human, be it genetically or physically. Researchers are still looking in depth about this matter and will soon carry out more specific studies to further ensure that calorie intake has close linkages with lifespan and occurence of disease.

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