Wednesday, July 15, 2009

OPP - Nutrition Care for Patient with Kidney Disease

When food is broken down in the stomach and intestines, waste is made. Next up, kidney will always be the only one organ which is responsible to remove the produced waste from the blood. If the kidney is not functioning properly, filtering system becomes impaired, resulting the accumulation of waste, consequently you may feel weak, tired, and possibly fall sick!

In addition, kidney also acts as the regulator of body fluid balance. Some people who suffer from kidney diseases may retain fluid, which would lead to puffiness, breathing difficulties, swelling in ankles, hands and feet. The number of kidney disease sufferers is increasing rapidly currently, especially in developing countries such as Malaysia. Following the upsurge of aging population and the prevalence of obesity, hypertension and diabetes, the number of chronic kidney disease sufferers will also continue to rise.

Mr Kayvi Ang brought out a talk on a topic entitled “Nutrition Care for Patient with Kidney Disease” on 13
th July 2009 (Monday). After giving a brief introduction about kidney disease, he also gave a number of golden advices on the methods in managing kidney disease. Furthermore, he shared that traditional herbal supplements which contain gingko, garlic and ginseng are not really reliable as it may cause adverse effects to the kidney. In addition, the audience were also informed that controlling the intake of sodium proves to be essential.

Another highlight of the night was the motivation speech which was delivered by one of our very own crown managers, Mr Tan. He delivered the talk in an extremely humorous way, but on the other hand, incredibly inspiring. He started his speech with a mind-twisting question which sounds, "Do you believe that we can get GT&F® Milk Powder with only 60 cents?". The audiences were immediately amused by such question. Mr. Tan then shared his strategies and experiences in making the question a reality.

Mrs Tam was very excited at that night as one of her customers, who is a prostrate disease sufferer started to recover from the disease after consuming GT&F® Milk Powder. She rushed to the stage and started to share the testimony of her customer immediately after Mr. Tan put an end to his mesmerizing talk. Eventually, our honorable managing director, Mr Lim also shared about the positive feedbacks he received from his business trip to Vietnam and some convincing testimonies throughout South East Asia (SEA). Audiences were pleasantly motivated with such awesome achievement.

Coming up next, a speech entitled "Nutrition Care for Allergy Period" will be presented to you by our senior nutritionist, Mr. Heng Kiang Soon. Straight after that, Mr. Wong Tiam Choy will enlighten you with his exclusive motivational speech on 20th July 2009 (Monday), from 8.00pm -9.30pm. As how William Shakespeare put it, "Our bodies are our gardens, our wills are our gardeners", we ought to really take good care of our bodies, especially by consuming GT&F® Products everyday.

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