Monday, June 22, 2009

Tai Chi, The Ultimate Sport

A legendary culture hero, Zhang San Feng, has been credited by modern practitioners by his well known martial art, Tai Chi Quan. Tai Chi, being regarded as one of the most famous Chinese Martial Arts in the world, has long been practiced by many people who reckon that such sport could shower the practitioners great health and longevity.

While consuming our very own GT&F Products, diabetic patients especially, can also consider taking up Tai Chi classes as their favorite exercise or sport. In 2008, Tai Chi has been regarded scientifically as a sport which could improve diabetes control.

According to articles (two studies) being published in the journal of Sport Medicine in April 2008, Tai Chi can improve the control of type II diabetes as well as boosting immune system response.

In the first study, researchers analyzed the consequence of a 12-week long period of Tai Chi exercise program on the activity of helper T cells in 30 diabetic patients of the same age.

Pleasantly, after 12 weeks, the levels of glycated hemoglobin levels fell significantly, from 7.59% to 7.16% in diabetic patients. In conjunction, helper T cells activity also increased significantly. Base on such observartion, researchers postulated that Tai Chi could be a sport where it prompts a decline in blood glucose levels, very possibly by stimulated blood glucose metabolism. Apart from that, with the rise of helper T cells activity, it apparently means that immune system can be improved tremendously through this exercise.

Meanwhile, the second study involves patients with deadly metabolic syndromes such as high blood glucose and hypertension.

The investigation was conducted almost similarly with the first study, a 12-week Tai Chi exercise program had been carried out by 13 patients for up to 1.5 hours, and up to 3 times a week, while the patients were also encouraged to perform exercises outside the classes.

When the time duration is passed, investigators observed that the waist length of the patients had dropped by approximately 3 cm while the average lost weight was 3 kg. Very surprisingly, the level of insulin resistant, an arguably the sign of diabetes onset, has also dropped significant after the 12-week program.

Tomorrow, we shall see more scientifically proven benefits about Tai Chi, an ultimate sport which could alleviate the excruciation by common pain sufferers.

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