Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Solutions to Inflammation

GT&F Products are very well-known with its inflammation-eliminating effect, since it can effectively reduce the existence of interleukin-6 (inflammatory factors) in your body. But a piece of pleasant news gave rise to the attention of the world, especially in the world of sport medicine.

As promised earlier, we will be revealing further scientific evidences about the benefits of Tai Chi, the famous Chinese Martial Arts which have been passed on for many decades. Yesterday, we had been looking into the positive effect which Tai Chi could shower upon the diabetic patients. But as we all know, diabetes is a disease where it would possibly cause a series of other metabolic syndromes.

Speaking about metabolic syndromes, it basically refers to the diseases which emerge when the flow of metabolism in your body system goes haywire. Among the diseases are
high blood pressure,cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and many many more.

Today, we are focusing on the common ache which suffered from many individuals, namely arthritis. A recent abstract of a study in May 2009 shows that Tai Chi, other than capable in improving blood glucose level, the famous sport also proves to have positive health benefits for musculoskeletal pain.

The study proves to be a robust evidence where pain and disability among people with arthritis can be greatly improved with the practice of Tai Chi. Dr. Chris Maher, from The George Institute revealed that in the near future, another study to determine whether same benefits could be applied to people who suffer from lower back pain.

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