Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Milk Does Reduce Weight

Many people would have been scratching their heads while seeing the topic of this article. By drinking milk, our weights can be reduced? That sounds quite absurd since common sense always tell us that as long as we are consuming dairy products, weight-gaining is simply inevitable. True enough, but when you shift your paradigm and look into this matter in a different perspective, you will definitely see the difference.

Frequently, people who gained unwanted weight after drinking milk are usually those who drink whole milk, a type of milk the fat content in it appears to be very high. In the meantime, milk which has low fat content, that is, ranging from less than 0.5% to 2% (the fat content in GT&F Milk Powder is 2%) is considered as low fat milk or skimmed (semi-skimmed) milk. But they still do contain fat, how do they reduce weight?

Researchers in Australia found that by drinking low fat milk in the morning helped increase satiety, in other words, it caused a feeling of fullness. This phenomenon directly renders the person to consume lesser for lunch.

In the study, 34 overweight but otherwise healthy men and women participated in two testing sessions. One in which they were served about 20 ounce of virtually fat-free milk in the morning, while in the other session, they were served with fruit drinks, where the milk and fruit drinks served in both sessions respectively contain 250 kcal (an amount where it is considered as equivalent with a breakfast meal).

After an interval of 4 hours, those who were served with milk consume about 9% less in lunch. The researchers suspect that the lactose (natural sugar in milk) or simply the thickness of the milk may play an important role in the satiety benefits.

GT&F Milk Powder proves to be effective in weight management. Since the essential substances in the product stimulate body metabolism, it directly eliminates the unwanted or excess fats which eventually resulting in reducing your body weight. The content itself already has such marvelous benefits, imagine how the effectiveness would be enhanced if you develop a habit as mentioned in the article?

Therefore, for those who really determined to lose more weight, this could be a good way to start off your very own weight-loss program. No pills-swallowing, no meals-skipping, all you need to do is just remember to drink a glass of GT&F Milk each day in the morning before activating your biological engine to start off the day!

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