Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Learn More About H1N1

The spread of H1N1 virus has caused some sort of turmoil worldwide. As for cases which occurred locally, as at 2.20pm, on 24th June 2009; the number of H1N1 cases had been mounted up to 80. Where 69 of it were transmitted from foreign countries while 11 cases were claimed to be locally transmitted.

We must always beware and make sure we are cautious about the transmitting factors.

The United Nation (UN), which is well-known as an international organization, had published a booklet about H1N1 virus in an interactive and easily understandable way. You might still be confused about the deadly virus. This booklet expressed very clearly about the differences between flu and cold, the symptoms, factors and many more.

Feel free to click on this link to download the booklet.

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