Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Raid of New Strain

An alarming alert has been sounded in our country as the first ever locally transmitted H1N1 case has unveiled yesterday.

The infected person is identified to be a 17 year-old girl, and the cause of infection is said to be in connection with another person who got infected as the 12th H1N1 case earlier in Malaysia. This victim whom has been infected is from Petaling Jaya, a crowded city which holds a population of over half-a-million people.

To top it all, reported from Sao Paulo Hospital in Brazil, a new strain of H1N1 Virus is said to emerge within that country. It is reported that a 26 year-old Sao Paulo man returned to his native country after a visitation to Mexico and he was infected with flu. After further examination, he was tested positive for H1N1 Virus and was admitted into a hospital in Sao Paulo. He was hospitalized on 24th April and has since made a full recovery.

But somehow, scientists have isolated and identified a new strain of H1N1 Virus from this patient. A research team from Instituto Adolfo Lutz, Sao Paulo, led by virologist Dr. Terezinha Maria de Paiva have been doing further observations toward the new strain of virus.

Scientifically, among the segments of the virus, segment 4 and segment 7 are the protein codes which are looked into very particularly by the research team. Scientifically, segment 4 codes for the protein Hemaglutinnin (HA) which is responsible for virus infectivity and the stimulation of antibodies in human immune system, while segment 7 codes for the matrix protein (MP) which helps in virus development, including the structure of the virus.

When the researchers made comparison between the current swine flu virus with the so-called new strain of swine flu virus, they discovered that there is no alteration in segment 7, but segment 4 shows a discreet alterations in amino acid sequence and nucleotides. However, they have yet determine that whether this new strain could bring an even disastrous aftermath than the current swine flu virus.

In other words, H1N1 Virus has strike a new alarming height as far as human health is concerned. Therefore, the whole nation must really look deeply into this matter and avoid in any involvement of possible risk factors.

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