Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OPP - Protecting Your Liver

Liver has been a multifunctional and one of the most important internal organs to us.

Last night was a very informative night as the well-known senior nutritionist, Mr. Heng, once again conveyed great messages and details in regards of liver.

Firstly, Mr. Heng made a brief introduction on what liver is all about, why is it so important to all organisms which have it in them?

If it was not because of the speech, many would not know that liver carries the total body weight of about 2.5-3.0%, that is, approximately 1.5kg!

Next, speaking of its functions, liver plays multiple roles in regulating our body system, its essential functions include:
  • A site for sugar, protein and fat metabolism.
  • Storage space for various vitamins and minerals.
  • Forms bile acids, anticoagulants and plasma proteins.
  • Activates Vitamin D.
  • Engulfs impaired cells and bacteria.
  • Detoxification.
... and many many more. Simply put, liver acts as the biggest biological factory in our body.

After explaining the functions of liver, Mr. Heng carried on with the sicknesses which relate to the liver. He emphasized on severe cirrhosis, an infamous liver disease which is most commonly occurred due to alcoholism, which consequently resulting in fatty liver formation.

Our very own Professor Frank Mao et al had published an article entitled "Chromium attenuates hepatic damage in a rat model of chronic cholestasis" in the journal of Life Science this year (2009). A piece of great article which brings good news and joy to every humankind, this further proven that GT&F products can indeed improve liver problems.

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